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During my undergraduate days, God told me that he would open doors for further studies and ministry internationally. I received the word with thanksgiving and continued to pray about it for many years.

In 2015, I sensed it was time to begin to do something in this regard. Also, at the end of 2015 going into 2016, God told us at DIW that it was a good season to apply for further studies and there were going to be many open doors for international study. With God’s word spoken to me privately in one hand and the word spoken to us corporately in the other hand, I started researching schools and programs and applying online.

In 2016, I got an admission offer to do a Masters program, but despite applying for scholarships and writing numerous letters to professors, I didn’t get any financial aid. I felt disappointed that I couldn’t pursue that because of financial limitations. My biggest “beef with God” was “but God, I didn’t ask you for international doors to study. I was on my own when you said you were going to do this and you even gave a corporate word that confirmed what you told me privately. Now see what has happened now!”

After my initial frustration with God, I picked up myself and continued to give thanks and pray for His perfect will to be done in this matter.

In 2016, I found out about an organization that offers a fellowship which brings young leaders from Africa into the US for a Masters program, while gaining hands-on work experience. I applied to the program and was selected for the 2017 cohort. This was supposed to be an all expense paid program-travel, tuition and books, accommodation, food, health insurance and stipend. Everything was covered.

As we started the preparations and needed to finalize everything, I started having delays with getting some of the documents that both the organization and the university in the US required. My undergraduate university was not providing what I needed on time. In fact, I was told that the person in charge was on leave and nothing could be done about it until the person returned. Because there were deadlines, I thought I was going to lose this opportunity again because of “the Nigerian system”.

I came to Hilltop (DIW’s monthly prayer meeting) one Tuesday during this period with this weight on my heart. Through DDK, our President, God gave me words of prophecy. Among other things, God spoke about opening international doors that no man could close. I immediately took that word and applied it to my situation, confessing and giving thanks. Glory be to God, I was able to get the required documents and turned them in before the deadline.

In September 2017, I arrived in the US to begin the fellowship with the organization and the Masters program. One of the things that I noticed shortly after the program began was an unhealthy culture of competition among the fellows in the program and favoritism among the leaders. I started praying for God’s favor. I would take prayer walks and declare that the land favors me.

In January 2018, there was a false accusation made against me by a colleague to the leadership. Though some other colleagues that were directly associated with the matter refuted it, I was placed on probation pending a review of the case. During the probation, I went back and forth speaking with the leadership at different levels trying to advocate for myself but nothing worked. I, the lady who made the accusation and the other colleagues involved had a meeting to discuss the matter and the lady said the leaders misconstrued what she said and she believes that they were exaggerating things. I asked her if we could go back to the leaders and clarify things so this would be resolved but she didn’t want to.

After two months of probation, in March 2018, barely seven months into the program, I was dismissed, my scholarship contract ended and I was given a few days to leave the accommodation provided. All the organization offered was a flight ticket back to Nigeria which I refused to take. I was asked not to contact anyone that I met through the organization for help to remain in the US. To say the least, I was devastated.

I had no family in the US, a limited network of friends and a lot of constraints on my ability to get a job because of immigration policies. However, I held on to the word that God gave me that he would open international doors that no man can shut. I said to God and myself that this organization may have shut their doors against me but God hadn’t.

I sent messages to a few people to tell them about what had happened and many of them advised me to go back to Nigeria because they believed it wasn’t possible for me to complete the Masters program. I also sent a message to a woman I had met a couple of weeks before the incident. After asking a few questions, this woman offered to accommodate me for a few months while I figure out next steps. I lived with her for four months RENT FREE and when it was time to move out of this woman’s house, God opened another home for me where I lived for 10 months RENT FREE.

I reached out to my university and told them what happened and they agreed to give me a 50% tuition discount.

I supernaturally got part-time jobs that enabled me pay the other 50% by installments without breaking immigration rules. God also supernaturally raised people who gave me little financial support here and there.

In a country where even the citizens drown in student loans years after they graduate, by God, I graduated right on time with my peers, no debt to my name and with a Distinction!

Please if this is not God, tell me who did all these miraculous acts?

I want to end by saying God keeps His promises. He told me many years ago that He would cause ravens to help me and I didn’t even understand what He meant at the time especially because I was pretty much an independent and self-sufficient person. As things unfolded in this season of my life and I saw the kind of people God raised on my behalf, I see that God indeed caused ravens (i.e. the most unlikely people) to help me.

I return all praise to Him.

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Yippee!!! T.G.I.F 💃💃💃💃

Of all the workdays in the week, Friday comes with a sense of great relief because it’s the last day of work. For most people, the next two days would be about many activities other than work. As you look forward to the weekend, let’s address your mind status and your joy level. Your mind, being the breeding ground for thoughts that either bring joy or sadness is the devil’s main target anytime he wants to get you. And you know your mind condition has its own influence on your environment, endeavors and your beloved ones. So this article is about KNOCKING OUT the devil and his accomplice out of your life, your space and be joyful all the time.

See, there may be many reasons why you should be all gloomy this weekend; it may be your finances, health, marriage, children, career, business, disappointment, let-downs etc.; I also know you have many reasons to be joyful and all radiant as well. If you can’t easily name one, the fact that you have life, the ability to read and process this article should help you start building the list.

The enemy is all out to make you sad every second of the day and you know, your sadness is his joy. What a game!!! It has never so happened that you and the enemy are both joyful at the same time, never! It is a game of who can stay joyful by all means.
The enemy is in this game for as long as he succeeds, as long as you let him fix your mind on what is not working, what is not right and the temporary unpleasant issues.

Today, like the winner of a boxing game knocks out his contender, we admonish you to KNOCK OUT the devil out of your personal space and all that concerns you, so you can retain your joy. Give him a finishing and a final blow so that he is defeated forever. He will try even harder but you’ve got an advantage in Christ to defeat him. Nothing is as blissful as staying joyful regardless. Below, we give some guides on how you can knock the devil out:
• Remember God’s promises and let it radiate your heart.
• Practice the art of His presence – In God’s presence, there’s fullness of JOY. How liberating is it to know that we are ever with the Father and He is EMMANUEL.
• Put it to the devil as Jesus did and let him know “It is written” concerning you, your health, your marriage, your children, finances, business, etc.
• Make a list of your blessings, count them and let your heart constantly rejoice over them.
• Thank God in advance for His promises, sing and dance joyfully as you worship Him.
• Bring your request to the Father with thanksgiving in confidence and with the assurance that He hears and He will answer.
Beloved, always remember that JOY is the answer in every situation. We pray that you remain JOYful!
Writer: Adenike Leke-Akinbode

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  • Screenshot_20190516-094024I am so certain you’ve heard it countless times that your spouse isn’t a human without flaws and that man (no gender bias) is still man at his very best, right? What I am not sure of is how much preparedness you made to handle this flaws when they find expression.

    Like everyone else, you were most likely aware of your spouse’s weaknesses and flaws during your courtship but they were easily handled within the hours you saw each other before you left for your different homes at the time. You handled them easily because you went home afterwards and there was enough time and private space to filter it out of your mind.

    The beautiful day you excitedly looked forward to came, you said I DO to your love buddy and it was a dream come true to finally get on this forever journey and do life together. This time around, you are faced with more unforeseen flaws, only that this time, there’s no other home you are going. Before you know it, something else is up to deal with. I am talking about the small issues that pile up into huge drawbacks that are strong enough to rid of the love and unity in homes. The habits of not cleaning the toilet well after use, disorganization, bad time management, not covering the stew pot properly; you keep naming them.
    Your ability to keep loving your spouse and ensure there is unity and peace in your marriage is determined by your wisdom quotient. In arithmetic, a quotient is the quantity produced by the division of two numbers. In marriage, your wisdom quotient is the significant increase in understanding, greater affection, more bliss, Christ-centered love, stronger togetherness that is produced by the number of times you’ve been confronted and broken by your spouse’s flaws or weaknesses.
    Scripture says in PROVERBS 19:11 THAT ‘A PERSON’S WISDOM YIELDS PATIENCE; It Is To One’s Glory To Overlook An Offense spouse. We must seek wisdom all the time if we seek the good of our marriages. The type of wisdom described in James 3:17 – But The Wisdom That Is From Above Is First Pure, Then Peaceable, Gentle, And Easy To Be Entreated, Full Of Mercy And Good Fruits, Without Partiality, And Without Hypocrisy. in there until you receive your answer, appreciate your spouse’s strength, seek to be a complement, ask the Holy Spirit for help all the time. The truth is, your spouse will change along even as you also get better.

    Grace and wisdom is multiplied you and I in Jesus name. Amen.

    Writer: Adenike Leke-Akinbode

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“I am tired”
“I am exhausted”
“I don’t have time for myself”
“I can’t make it because I have so much to do”

As a working mom, how many times have you said these words to yourself?

For you, time is your most precious commodity and resource. And 24 hours each day just does not seem enough anymore. Being a mother and having a successful career are both time-consuming activities.

You want to be the best at both tasks but when you are at work, you feel guilty that you are not being your best at home. You tell yourself …. “No one can shop, clean or cook for my family as well as I can.” At work, you are constantly plagued with mommy guilt. And at home, you miss being at work. You look at other successful career women who seem to have it all together and ask yourself, “Shouldn’t I be able to figure this out on my own?” “Why can’t I get it all done?” “Why can’t I be like the Proverbs 31 woman? The truth is that no one has got it all figured out.

The art of delegation is a survival kit for all moms especially working moms. Ask yourself today, “ What’s so wrong with outsourcing?”.

It is a norm today for both parents to hold down jobs so that they can share the financial burden in the home. For a mother, she has to find a delicate balance between the home and her work.
No one can do it all on her own. You are not a Super Woman. I mean, Batman has got Robin, Sherlock Holmes has John Watson and even Wonder Woman has Etta Candy!
So why do you think you have to do everything all by yourself? Even with a very helpful spouse, it is difficult to do it all without breaking down as we only have 24 hours each day. Actually 20 hours if you live in Lagos, as you may spend at least 4 hours each day in traffic commuting to work!
So today, instead of struggling to balance everything, take a step back to reassess your situation – what tasks can you delegate to someone else? How about outsourcing the time-consuming chores that take you away from doing the things that you love? Learn to ask for help wherever you can. Instead of exhausting yourself with the extra stress of household tasks, utilize the services and support of people that are fully equipped to help. Hire a handyman service to finish quick repairs at home, get a laundryman to take care of laundry, reduce trips to the market by hiring someone do that for you, I know it can sound very “diva-like” but it is actually just being resourceful and understanding the value of time.
There are many underlying reasons why working mothers struggle with delegating and outsourcing time-consuming tasks – the fear of being judged by society or being seen as a mother that is not ‘hands on’. The truth is that delegation and outsourcing are necessary survival tools to becoming a successful working mom. The alternative is to try to do everything but that would lead to being stretched too thinly, negatively affecting your health. You may break down and find out that by trying to do everything, you end up not spending enough time for what matters most—your FAMILY.
The reality is: you are not new to outsourcing. Whether you realize it or not, you already delegate tasks on a regular basis. As a working mother, we effectively assign the care and education of our children to others when they go to school or spend time in child care and we balance errands and chores with our spouses. By further maximizing our support network, we make our life a lot easier. If the business world outsources to be more efficient, working mothers can (and should) do the same!
Someone can do it better, faster than me? Great, let them do it! I can make more efficient use of the time that I save, and hopefully even cover the outsourcing expenses at the same time – or I gift myself the time with my family or partner.
The message to today’s working mom is this: do what you can and then get help with the rest.

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I was born into a loving family, and was exposed to luxury very early in life. I became industrious and got to catch up with my life and what I desired to do so early, so I plunged myself into it. I also met my loving husband while doing my business and we became partners. We were able to build a conglomerate and it was flourishing so well. We loved the way our family life was progressing, our kids are blessed. I loved my husband and he also loved me dearly.

Until death caught up with him and snapped him away from his loving family. I was devastated at this point and was in intense pain. It hurt so badly: I had lost my best friend and partner. Still groping in my pain, here comes his family that we labored so hard to take care of together. They claimed that they owned all the properties we both possessed, as he is their son.

Considering the fact we both built this conglomerate together, I was left with nothing but my kids as the family and friends robbed all of it from me as I was a woman and no one stood up for me.

God brought this judge around the neighbourhood where I moved to with my kids to.
I figured I had nothing to lose, so I decided to fight for what belonged to me.
I went to meet the judge and I was not allowed into his home by the security guards. So I waited all day at his gate to see him come out through the gate, that I may have the opportunity to tell him my plight and avenge me of my enemies. He finally drove out of his majestic building and slide down the car window to know what I was looking for, I explained all to him and he told me to come back.
I went the next day to wait and still, he said the same thing. It became a duty to resume at his gate for a month, and still got no attention.

At a point, he would drive by without rolling down his car window, but I never gave up. I still woke up and went again the next day. Gradually, I was getting tired of going. I felt ashamed, like I was being mocked. I realized I had no one to turn to and he was the only one to help out of my predicament, the kids were also getting weary with the way we were living.

I made up my mind that for the sake of my children, I would keep going to the judge, until he listens and gives me his attention to avenge me.

One fateful day when I rose so early to resume at his gate, here comes the judge out of the house, all by himself this time not in his car, and asked when I will stop coming to his house. I said until he avenges me of my enemies. Immediately, he said to his personal assistant, I have to attend to this poor widow before she wears me out with her persistence.

I was so glad I never gave up! Right before my eyes, all arrangements were made to avenge me speedily, I mean speedily. With tears, I was grateful and thanked him immensely.
I believe you already know who she is, yes you got it, and she is the widow in Luke 18:1-8.

And at the end of the story Jesus said: “nevertheless when the son of man comes, will He really find faith on the earth?”
That is the question.

Faith is not just believing but committing to back up your faith with action and never give up. Hold on to the word God has given you, keep confessing it in the face of adversity and never give up. Men and women of faith hold on to the word with their lives without losing it.
Commit to praying with your faith and not fainting


Writer: Faith Oyebade

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I woke up one day and it was like my blind eyes were now opened. I saw my friends having their share of luxury and pride in worldly affairs. I thought to myself, “Bade, but your father is the richest. How come you are not enjoying this wealth?”

I was only living the normal life and enjoying honour from my father’s servants: having good meals, good clothes and helping my father look after his wealth by taking care of his industries and companies, but I was not allowed to spend recklessly like my other friends who had all they wanted and rode in expensive cars, went to clubs, spent to win girls and all the luxury of wealth.

I decided to meet my father and request my own share of his wealth. “I want my own money and wealth”, I told him.
I was the happiest person on earth when father handed them to me. The very next day, having packed my bags the night prior, with excitement, I left to enjoy me freshly minted inheritance.
I immediately connected with my friends. Many that saw I now had my own money and knowing I was the son of the richest man, started coming around. They sang my praises, and shared all kinds of pleasurable ideas. We enjoyed and spent my money together. They suggested ridiculous ways of making more money to me. I felt they were good ideas and expecting Father would be proud of me, I went for them.
It soon dawned on me that I was losing all the money I had.

Before I knew it, everything was gone. It was as if my inheritance had grown wings and flown away. Where did all my money go? How did I lose it all? This can not be possible! I went to meet my friends that I had lent money to and they all turned their backs on me.
I wept my eyes sore. I had loved all of them and spent lavishly on them. I thought they loved me too. What did I do to deserve this treatment and shame? They all left when there was no money. All the accolades turned to insults. They would not even offer me a room to stay when my rent came due and I was unable to pay up.

I said to myself: Oh my! I have lost it all for my greediness and pleasure. I can not even face my father for He will be disappointed in me. I better look for a job and remain here. I can’t go back home for there is no inheritance waiting for me anyway. I have lost it all, my confidence, my self esteem, my place of enthronement.
I searched high and low for a job, but the only one I could get was as a farmhand to take care of pigs. I slept with the pigs. There were days I was so hungry, that I could not resist eating some of the food for the pigs.
It all came to a head one day. I broke down weeping. Looking at myself, the son of a wealthy man, now becoming a pig, seeing as I was already living and eating with them. Instead of continuing like this, I thought: Would it not be better if I return to my father’s house and seek employment as a servant? At least I will eat three square meals which is good food in my father’s house. I know it is shameful, but I will rather bear this shame than die here with pigs. I do not want my life to end with these pigs. I will say: “Father have mercy on me and take me as your servant. I will clean your house, wash your clothes, clean and wash your car, I will do what the servants do. I know I have lost it all, no inheritance, but let me find shelter and food to live my remaining days after I have wasted so much of it along with all the riches you gave me”.

I wept some more, until I was weak and my eyes were swollen from crying. What a life I have made for myself!
And so, off I went. I was surprised to see someone running towards me when I was couple of meters away from Father’s house. My eyes were frail for drought and hunger, I thought it was one of Father’s servants. Who am I to say a word, for I have come back to become a servant also. Tears streamed down my eyes and as my eyes cleared I realised the runner was my Father. I fell to my knees weeping. Oh Father, I am sorry! I am sorry!! To my amazement, father jumped excitedly at my return and hugged the filthy me so hard, rejoicing at my return. He would hear nothing of my being a servant in his household.

Oh how my Father loves me so much. He called to the servants: “Prepare a feast immediately! There is party tonight! And bring the best and new robe for my son after he has been washed. Put the nicest perfume on him.”

It felt good to be royal again, and I learnt my lesson. I went further to gain more knowledge to help me administer father’s wealth judiciously. Meanwhile, I stayed away from my bad friends who came back to woo me to themselves a second time.

My name is Bade, the prodigal son. Here are some of my lessons:
1. Money loves those who spend wisely and multiply it. It is like giving it its own children. Those who spend it carelessly without a plan will lose it.
Money goes to those that have the knowledge of its

2. God puts us in charge of His resources to properly manage them. We need to acquire knowledge to manage it properly.
When we do not work, we will not value the reward. That is why God gave man work to enjoy His riches.

3. Wealth is beyond enjoyment. It is becoming a blessing, living life to enrich other lives.
The plans of the diligent lead surely to plenty, but those of everyone who is hasty, surely to poverty. Prov 21:5 (NKJV)
Writer: Faith Oyebade

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So then, there remains a Sabbath rest for the people of God, for whoever has entered God’s rest has also rested from his works as God did from his. Hebrews 4:9-11

Let us therefore strive to enter that rest…
It’s Workers Day!
A Sabbath for every worker. Not only because the government thought it so, but because the Almighty God practised and commanded it. Just think about it, if the Almighty God sees a need for rest, how much more mere mortals? Severally, I have tried to sample the general workforce idea about this essential day, it is either to just be at home, hangout, attend secular and spiritual events or just stay indoors with no specific idea of what the day could be used for. So, I asked what’s your idea of this auspicious day? Workers’ day!!

Imagine a free cheque of 24 hours that you can use to achieve a number of tangible results, but you must come to terms with the fact that you need REST. Rest for higher level of productivity, impact, relevance, you need to Retreat to SOAR!

Workers’ day is a special day for you, to rest and re-strategise.

However, for the day to be fruitful and useful, you must have a plan for it.

What is the most pressing thing you need to do for YOURSELF?

Is it a medical checkup?

A retreat to evaluate your life and career?

Is it a need for an intelligence upgrade to meet up with your work demand?

Do you need a bonding moment with YOU?

You cannot give what you don’t have, so your total wellbeing must be paramount to you. You cannot afford to be an empty worker.

So, put stuff into you that your world needs, build up yourself by investing maximally in you!

Read that book, take stock of your work in relation to your capacity, vision and life goal, is there synergy?

What and where do you need to improve or reinvent in your chosen field?

For those of us currently unemployed, or those whose business is not doing so well, or those of us that are still out there job hunting, today is also for you to know that there’s hope and rest for you, your time will come and the God of eleventh hour miracle will be on your case.

Just rest in the truth that He is a good good Father! He will yet glorify you! But before He appears and brings your answer, don’t lose yourself, keep your sanity, be faithful where you are and make the best of every opportunity. Your miracle will happen!

For the entrepreneur, trader, artisans, social worker, private or public worker, it is highly essential that you evaluate your work.

What are you investing your life in, is this the best you can do?

Is it worth it?

Do you need to change your job, increase your capacity, and have an additional means of income?

Always know that you can achieve the best when you REST from all stress!

Writer: Funmi Odetola

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