July 2019


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There is a friend that sticks closer than a brother.

Yes, friendship is true.

Friendship is real!
Friendship is life!

It’s international day of friendship!

What is your belief or experience with friendship?

Do you have a friend, have you been hurt, betrayed, jilted or left heartbroken by a supposed friend?

Oh! So sorry friend! Do you feel or have you concluded never to allow anyone close to you again?
Have you shut the door to FRIENDSHIP?
Today, I do not want you to be clouded with the usual feeling of excitement for the wonderful people around your life that you can truly call friends neither do I want you to engage in a pity party for the wrong people and backstabbers you had once called friends.


However, I want you to take a stock of you, yes you!
What kind of a friend have you been to your friends? Are you friendly? Have you treasured the good people God has surrounded your life with or have you taken undue advantage of them?

What are the qualities you desire in your to-be friend? Do you also possess any of these qualities? Are you reliable and consistent? Have you cheered them towards fulfilment of their dreams and aspirations or have you been self-centered and self-seeking in the ship of friends?

Every man bears fruits according to his kind, your type and kind will naturally flock around you and be attracted to you.
Are you a cheat? Welcome to the world of professional backstabbers, master cheaters and certified gossipers.
Do not be deceived whatever a man sows, he shall reap.

Therefore, sow true friendship, be real, fiercely loyal, kind, loving, forgiven and be a cheerleader to your associate. Do not love or befriend people for what you can get from them, rather befriend to invest and impact positively.

Also, note that you can’t be a true friend without learning the crucial ingredient of friendship which is FORGIVENESS. To err is human and forgiveness must be the bedrock of every true friendship. Love people for who they are, and when they disappoint you, make room in your heart to forgive and move on…

Don’t close any door, always leave room for better days. Do you think this is possible?
Yes, it is. Do you think our constant and eternal Friend don’t feel grief when we sin and walk in disobedience? Of course He does. Jesus feels the same pain and the same sense of betrayal any time we flount His orders but still, He ALWAYS lets go.

If truly, you are His, you will have to let go of every hurt, pain and records of evil your supposed friends have inflicted on you. If they genuinely apologized and come back, forgive, if they leave permanently, forgive still and move on with your life.

Have you also hurt someone truly, please choose to call a truce, ask for forgiveness and get back your friend!

Friendship is divine, real, true, and it’s refreshing to know someone somewhere cares for you deeply and truly, so be a true friend to your friends and God will bring to your life men like Jonathan.

Above all, befriend the coolest and realest friend I have ever known… JESUS! You will not regret it.
Cheers to years of true friendship!



Writer: Funmi Odetola

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July will end soon – it’s halftime already but no worries I am having cake for lunch. Cakes make me happy. 😊 😊 😊

Like really, genuinely happy on such a primal level. It’s not the squeal of delight or the flutter of excitement kind of happiness. It’s the quiet kind of happiness that permeates your soul like the warmth of alcohol spreads through your veins.

I don’t even have to eat it, I just need to see it around me. It warms my heart. I think the idea of making cakes is a gift from God to foster human happiness. And the creative craftsmanship is just an icing on the cake…pun intended. From plain cakes to chocolate to cheese cake to red velvet….cake is bae.


To all the cake makers and cake craftsmen (tag as many as you can find). Thank you for filling our lives with genuine happiness. I pray the next time you make your cakes, you do not see it as just another job, another deliverable, or inventory, or even a creative opportunity. I hope you see it as a chance to make another human being happy, to be a subtle but cornerstone part of our most significant experiences in life, and to fill our hope tanks for the humdrum days.

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As you do your mid-year appraisals and evaluations, remember to take a break and eat a piece of cake.

Random Thoughts from ArielQu

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Taking The “D” Word Off the Table

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Have you ever felt frustrated with your spouse? Perhaps having the frustration lead to a quarrel, and before it was over, everything had become so overwhelming that you actually began to consider the D word, Divorce?

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Marriage can be a beautiful thing and it can also be frustrating. This is partly because it is a place where we sometimes find ourselves at our most vulnerable. Whether working to make it beautiful or experiencing the frustrating side of it, both are hard. Choose your hard wisely. You can make a choice to make yours beautiful. It requires work, Yes!!! You read me right. Conscious, committed and calculated work.
There’s no one magic formula to resolve all the issues your marriage might have. However, there are principles you can put to work which will gradually result in tangible improvements.
Jesus said, “Moses provided for divorce as a concession to your hard heartedness, but it is not part of God’s original plan. I’m holding you to the original plan, …” Matthew 19:8,9(MSG)
Here, I will share with you the principles you should hold to heart and employ when those ugly situations arise in your marriage:
Remember how the bible says to not give the enemy a foothold?


• Forgive Quickly: Don’t let the sun go down on your anger. Agree early with your spouse that you both are in this together for real and are in it together for life.
• Take the D word out of the Equation: Do not threaten your spouse with the word either. Rather, commit to making your marriage work. When it comes to disagreements and quarrels between you and your spouse, be wise and be tactical.
• Know the Actual Enemy: Be smart and know who the real enemy is. You and your spouse are on the same team, you are not each other’s enemy, the devil is.
• Create a safe place for each other in your marriage.
• Resolve issues and let there be no carryovers.
• Have a rock-solid resolve to make your marriage work.
• Go hard after the wisdom that you need from trusted sources.

Writer: Oluwakemi Boye-Fakunle

DIWPRTEAMTaking The “D” Word Off the Table
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IMG-20190710-WA0004How can I get out of this mess? I love my job and of course, I adore my children. They are the best thing that God has given me after salvation. Still, I can’t choose between my job and my children. I can’t quit my job and I can’t be watching the devil mess with my children like this. The pressure is becoming increasingly unbearable. Last week, Tade’s class teacher called me that I need to do something urgently about him because he was caught kissing a girl in the school toilet. Oh my God! My mind quickly flashed back to last Sunday when their children Sunday school teacher hinted me that my boy was seen checking pornographic film on his phone. Can someone just wake me up from this dreamland and tell me where I have gotten it all wrong?
How can I explain the drastic drop in his academic performance especially mathematics and sciences even with extra lesson and extra hours devoted to reading, this boy is not yielding. I can’t even begin to talk about so many shameful acts he has done in the last few months. He will keep crying and promising not to repeat it when caught in the ungodly acts and I can tell he’s genuinely sorry, but the next minute he’s at it again with worst blows. I feel drained and totally exhausted! I don’t know what David felt when he said his heart was overwhelmed, but truly that is how I am feeling right now!
God knows I have tried all my best to be a good wife and an awesome mum! Despite my ever crazy and busy schedules, I still take time out to pray with them and also carve out at least 15mins daily to study the scriptures together and still go through their school assignments. Though my husband will not lift a finger to help, he keeps saying he’s doing all he’s doing for the kids and I. Anyways, I work also, and I still contribute meaningfully to the family financial needs, so how will I keep my sanity? I want to maintain peace with my husband, have a fantastic performance at work and still raise godly genius for God. I am wondering how the scriptures can be fulfilled in my life that I can do ALL THINGS through Christ that strengthens me. “How can I?”, when I can’t even do these few things effectively and efficiently. How did Jochebed manage to raise Moses in such an insane world, how did she manage to raise his son for the palace?
God keeps telling me that I must raise Kingdom Eunuchs. How will I do this effectively, when there are bills mounting up monthly and we must do what we must do to keep body and soul? I have prayed, fasted, sought counsel, still I feel the result I am getting is not measuring up to my input. How best can I raise God’s general from this kind of a child?
Whoa! A scripture just flashed through my spirit, He calls things that are not as though they were, and they come into existence, so I can call forth what I want? So, I can create the world of my children with His written word. So, something good can still come out of my Nazareth? My Jabez can still be more honourable than all his brothers? God, I believe you!
Are you into this journey with me? Do you have a rebellious, disobedient child (either spiritual or biological) that you are planning to give up on like Hagar’s son, or like Eli’s grandchild Ichabod? Are you still single or a waiting mother but believing God to raise Kingdom generals and great seed of purpose through your womb? Is there any mother of Dinah here reading this? If you can just know the truth about the child and stop believing the lies of the enemy and your current reality, if you can just hold on to God and pray like Jabez and not give up on your Moses, if you can just believe in what God has put in you to turn such amazing destiny around. If you can partner with God to raise seeds of purpose through you, eternity will celebrate you for it! Don’t give up, rather rise Up to the demand and Build, because greater is He that is in YOU! I love you and God is with you, thou MIGHTY WOMAN OF VALOUR!
Writer : Funmi Odetola

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Preaching the Good News Through the Work of Your Hands.

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Daniel is often referred to as being a skilled and anointed man to the end that the glory of God was made manifest in the presence of the kings he served. Would you love for the same to be said about you?

The great commission is not only about preaching in the streets with megaphones. If you are reading this, you probably live in a technology-savvy society where the church is firmly established. You are probably a student, employed or running a business, you may be currently unemployed or a stay-at-home mom. Whatever the case may be, you have a doorway or an opportunity through which you may engage with the world and not just the frequent mission trips organized by your church. Day in, day out, you have an opportunity to touch lives and bring souls to the kingdom.

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When God created the heavens and the earth, He did an excellent job. He did not leave anything to chance, neither did He procrastinate on His projected work. For six days, God did the work of creation until the seventh day when He rested. Beloved, it is recorded that God looked upon everything He did at each point saying “It is good”.

The first step to becoming a representative of His Kingdom on earth and a true ambassador of the gospel is to ask yourself this question, “Is your work good?”. Can you truly at the end of the day look upon what you have done and say “this is good”. Not with the attitude of a perfectionist who strives for abstract and undefined goals, but with an attitude that wants to be a vessel for showcasing God’s excellence.


As a Christian, your work should be set apart. You should be known for diligence, for integrity, for excellence, and for timeliness. This, in itself, is a form of godliness. This is because Jesus himself was not a sloppy worker. Whatever assignment He was given, He did with a joyful heart and a reverence for God. Take a second to imagine if Jesus had His own “secular” engagement – perhaps as a carpenter according to Joseph’s trade, how do you think His conduct would be? Do you revere God even in your secular “work”? Are you known as the lazy employee who never shows up on time? Do you gossip at work? Do you fail to manage your business as it should be? Or are you working to the glory of God by displaying professionalism at every opportunity?

The love of God at work in you, and the power of the Holy Spirit resting inside of you should create a desire in you to do good and empower you to bring God’s best to everything you lay your hands upon. Goliath was a skilled warrior, but young David, who was not as skillful or experienced, said of God: “He teaches my hands to war”. In other words, his warring skills was as a result of David’s relationship with God! David did not separate his workmanship from the anointing of God within him. Whenever David went to war, God went to war too! Whenever David placed his hands on the harp to play, God played too! Beloved, the work that you do is not isolated from your walk with God. Today, determine in your heart to leverage the power of God in you to be who He created you to be at all places – whether in or outside the church.

A man diligent in his work will be able to stand before kings – this is what the Bible says. If your work gives you audience before kings, then know that you have a priceless opportunity to represent the kingdom of God.


As a worker, be skilled. And as a Christian, understand that you are anointed to preach the gospel. Do not allow a lack of diligence or unprofessionalism prevent men from listening to you or shut their hearts towards you. Even in the workplace, strive to show the love of God by bringing your best every time you show up. If you find yourself lacking in wisdom or strength to do so, simply ask and He will provide. While you are doing this, utilize the opportunities you get to communicate the love of God in words and in actions. God bless you!

Writer – Ifeoluwa Shoola.

DIWPRTEAMPreaching the Good News Through the Work of Your Hands.
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images (4)The article aims to bring awareness to the concepts of Process and Journey, two important ideals of life. Work can be described as an activity that constitutes our daily livelihood. But work in itself, is meaningless and becomes mere activity if it is not purposeful or appealing to our core human desires. If you have ever worked in an organization where your work does not echo your essence, your desires, your cravings and what you really want to do, you may understand how it feels to spend every day of your precious life doing unfulfilling work. Or maybe you are that person who began running their business solely for the purpose of finding something to do?
Meriam Webster Dictionary defines work as a job or activity that you do regularly especially in order to earn money. Free Dictionary defines it as a physical or mental effort or activity directed toward the production or accomplishment of something. All these definitions say something about work being an activity, that you do daily and it sure has an end to it.
But I have realized that it is in work that man finds fulfilment. Whatever we do to give expression to our abilities and fulfil our desires either as employees or business owner is a form of work. But what really should matter to us is to ask ourselves the question, “ Am I purposeful about what I am doing at this time?” While working, do you have a goal in mind or are you just working to survive? You need to determine if there is a method to what you do. Is there a desire you want to fulfil, an inner craving or a goal?
Work itself is not the problem- we can do anything and exert our effort on it- but in order to align your life’s purpose, your work must matter to you. Doing work that matters to you is the real deal.
#TheRealDeal – Giving meaningful expression to your work by doing what your heart craves to do, fulfilling what you desire to see.
Evaluate what you currently do. Your work. Is it mere work, or something you really are passionate about? Do you have dreams about achieving great things with your work? Do you have this question answered? If not, you are merely exerting your energy to put food on your table and pay your bills. In the long run, what will matter is the satisfaction that you get in doing your work.
So how do you create personal work vision?
Vision in itself is what sets you apart from the pack. It defines your path and helps you develop a sense of priority. The personal work vision is your individual operating system. It stems from what is important to you – your values and principles, what sets you on fire everyday and makes you get up each morning to go to work. In creating your work vision, you discover you.
Self discovery is a process and its a journey. It happens to us everyday. But note that your level of self-awareness at every stage will help you in determining where to go in the future. So, you can begin to create your personal work vision right from where you are right now in life.
To discover yourself, go to the Scriptures
In the process of self discovery, you will discover purpose.
“Your revealed person points you to your life purpose”.
When you discover purpose, it is easy for you to decide what career to choose. And believe me, every thing seems magical at this point. You begin to see possibilities influenced by your consecration to purpose. The journey becomes clearer and you have a sure knowing and a desire that tells you what lies ahead of you in the days or years to come
So, begin to write down your vision every day. Write it down – what you see, what you desire, what you are imagining, your cravings – get them all on paper. A written vision is easily executed
Have a development plan in order to build capacity. Desires are what they are until we are able to get them done.
Build emotional capacity – your ability to stay focused when you not getting the desired result and your ability to relate well with people.
Build intellectual capacity – a time to gather knowledge and be an expert in your chosen field. Invest in yourself in every way possible. Leverage free and paid learning opportunities – seminars, coaching programs, conferences, structured training programs, MOOCs etc.
Build mental capacity – A time where what you know is being utilized so as to get a result. Train your brain to do and know more.
In execution, aside having a plan and building capacity, while in that process, render service, volunteer, help someone. Use someone else’s need as an opportunity to give your ability and potential expression. If no one gives you the platform for expression, create one, pick yourself and begin to see the end in mind. Keep talking about and reviewing your plan, your vision.
As you execute a plan, tick it off. In creating a platform for yourself, utilize the social media platforms, get your work out there, get noticed and keep doing.
Get a mentor and build a network of trusted friends to whom you can voice your vision and plans all the time.
Lastly, always remember that while you work, it must be because you are fulfilling purpose in God and to humanity.
Frederick Buechner says “The place God calls you to, is the place where your deep gladness and the world’s deep hunger meet.


Writer: Adenike Leke-Akinbode

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