August 2019


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Joy is a Habit
(Episode 1)

Don’t you just love August!

It’s my birthday in a few days, however, for almost two decades, I slip into depression a few weeks before my birthday. It usually lasts from June-October and I am generally somewhat lacklustre for almost 5 months.

Nothing is exempt- Everything suffers from my work, to my faith, to my creativity, finances, academics, all my relationships including the fellowship I have with God.

This year, I was confident that I would not have it but I knew the signs and kept pushing myself because I had competing demands especially academically and I was on a short leash.

However, as soon as my exams were over, I knew that it was only a short while before I caved in because I was literally spent, I had gastric ulcer flare-ups, and I just generally didn’t have any fight left in me.

I was in some sort of pain I couldn’t explain and I just fell into this black hole. I would sleep, wake up, cry, binge, watch movies (which is completely unusual behaviour for me) and repeat the cycle.

By the beginning of the third week, I was calm enough to read one of my books on Apologetics that attempts to answer the question of God and human suffering and it cut me like a light saber (lol) – Jesus was not called the Man of Sorrows for nothing.

It was as if I time travelled and my mind was filled with imagery of how Jesus had his fill of the pain of human experience; “from being a baby refugee with migrant parents (imagine the instability they must have felt) to being a virile single man who felt lonely at times, to being misunderstood by those he loved that he had to find a company of disciples, to moving everywhere and not having a home to himself, to being falsely accused, to losing his cousin and the one person who understood his ministry from the beginning, the total grief!”

He understood and felt what I felt- the entire range of emotions. I saw that I had His attention and He was with me.

In that moment, it was like the warmth of fire on a cold night- the kind of fire that brings a soft glow that sends darkness to the fringes; That’s exactly how I felt.

Immediately I picked up the Psalms and slowly recited it to myself and I felt reprieve like soothing balm over a wound. I had a warm quiet delight slowly bubble up that had nothing to do with any improvement of my current circumstances. My heart started to burn again with thoughts, images, and visions of hope, meaning, and a preferred future.

I knew this was God at work giving me a priceless gift and gratitude surged through my being. I knew what I needed was a rebirth experience and I am currently on that journey.

One of the most important elements of this rebirth is to build a culture of Joy in my life.

Then, He started to teach about the fruits of the Spirit being character traits of the Spirit that become our character when we consistently submit ourselves to the leadership of the Holy Spirit. The building blocks of Character are Habits; this implies that to develop the character of Joy, I need to cultivate Joy Habits.

Joy Habits are activities or events that can be incorporated into our daily routines, and regimen to help us build a culture of Joy for the long term.

I told the story above to show that I am also a newbie student in the school of Joy and as an invitation to walk this journey of Joy with me.
For the next couple of weeks, I will share specific Joy Habits I am cultivating, how it works, and what it does for/in me.

Joy Habit No. 1.

Shouting/ Screaming without any apparent or obvious reason.

So you feel out of sorts; having a bad day, in a frenzied gridlock, feeling like you do not know what to do, maybe you are quietly battling self-doubt, or even at an impasse with a loved one or experiencing some sort of friction in your relationships…

Go to the bathroom …anywhere…fill your lungs with air, and let out the largest and longest scream/shout ever!

Follow it up with shouts of praise- (Phrases like Glory to God, Praise the Lord, Hallelujah, or even ABBA apply).

If you can, scream out a one line affirmation (I usually do “I am empowered to succeed, I am loved, or I know what to do” depends on what’s coming at me that day)

In fact, I think we should have specialized soundproof shouting cubicles in offices.

You will first feel a surge of anger, followed quickly by either laughter, smile, or sob, which all turn out to be relieving, energizing, and exhilarating.

Is shouting the new fancy cure all- NO!
Will it get you to Joy- YES!

Remember Joy is the Goal!

Going forward, I do not wait for pressure, pain, or a bad experience to choose Joy- I choose to choose Joy always!

In personal practice, I have dedicated screaming timeslot every six hours where whether I feel outta sorts or not, I Just Scream!

What I love the most is how it immediately clears out a certain mental fog, lifts my perspective, renews my courage, announces to the universe that I am a fighter and I ain’t backing down, aids catharsis, and most importantly reminds me that I am alive so I’ve got a purpose that fills my heart with hope.

Caveat; You may be perceived as a nut case for screaming without purpose or any apparent collective reason but feel free to give them a mental health education- also invite them to try it too.

So let me know in the comment section:
Have you tried this before?
Did it work?
Are you going to try this?
How was your experience?
What safe place do you suggest people can scream?

What are you waiting for- Go on this week and be a JOY “Nut-case”!

P.s: This is the shortest depression episode I have ever had in my life- It lasted less than 3 weeks and I am well on my way to a rebirth and having the “EPIC-est” year yet!

With Love, Joy, and Peace,
Ariel Qu.

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I imagined Sister Sarah attended a marriage seminar where the speaker laid emphasis on the need for sisters not to marry a man that has no vision.

The teaching resonated with her so well. Now, Sister Sarah is blessed to be married to a man that has a clear vision of how the future would look. God told Abraham in Genesis 12:1-9,14-18 that his descendants will inherit the land of Canaan even when nothing in the present was pointing to that fact. At the time Hagar had not borne him Ishmael. Yet, Abraham chose to trust and believe God. For this act, God accepted him. That is, the promise was sealed because of Abraham’s belief. However, Abraham needed Sarah for the delivery of the vision/promise.

Of course, Sarah believed what Abraham told her about God’s promise to ‘Abraham’ and not to the two of them as a couple. I want to believe that Sarah made Hagar sleep with Abraham so that he could have a child because she did not see the fulfilment of promise/vision in the context of both herself and Abraham as couple/family. She presumed that it was solely for Abraham.

However, the bible says in Hebrews 11:11(NKJV) that
By faith Sarah HERSELF ALSO received strength to conceive seed,
and she bore a child when she was past the age,
because she judged Him faithful who had promised.

This means not UNTIL Sarah personalized the vision/promise, it delayed. Perhaps, if she had believed the promise/vision at the time her husband told her when they were younger, they would have hastened the fulfillment of the promise.
Dear sister, are you married and finding it difficult to believe in the vision or promise of God to your husband because of the situation of things or circumstances around you? Or your own is just out of sheer disrespect? I pray that you will receive the STRENGHT to RECEIVE the vision/promise as a couple/family, hence bring forth seed.
Yes, it took divine visitation before Sarah could personally receive strength to conceive and believe the promise. God graciously decided to visit Sarah. I think God knew that for Sarah to really believe in the promise He made to Abraham, He must personally convince her. And why would God do the convincing anyway? I guess it is because for the promise to be fulfilled, Abraham needed Sarah’s womb as ISAAC must come through Sarah.

In case you are yet to plunge yourself into the vision/promise your husband received from God for your home, it is not too late dear sister. Just ask for the grace to ALSO receive and judge Him faithful that had promised.

Sister, now that you are married to that brother with vision and lots of God’s promise, it will do both of you well if you believe and receive the vision and promise EARLY and pray earnestly for its delivery. It is so interesting to know that aside the speedy delivery your alignment with your husband’s vision brings, it also gives your husband emotional support and stability. No wonder the Jesus said:

…Again I say to you, that if two of you shall agree on earth as touching anything that they shall ask,
it shall be done for them of my father which is in heaven Matthew 18:19(AKJV)

God bless you.

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The angel said to her,
Don’t be afraid, Mary; God has been gracious to you.
…and you will name him Jesus. He will be great and will
be called the son of the Most High God. The Lord God will
make him a King, as his ancestor David was
,and he will be king of the descendants of Jacob forever;
his kingdom will never end!’ Luke 1:30 (GNT)

The discomfort a mother experiences during pregnancy is enormous. The process of bringing forth a child into this world is action-packed. And nurturing the child is wholesomely interesting yet physically and emotionally demanding.

A mother who is the recipient of a prophecy announcing the birth of her child will find the strength and stamina needed through the pregnancy, birth and any difficult times. When she is tired and weak, she can hold on to the prophecy received and draw strength from it.

Imagine the emotional and psychological stress that Mary and Joseph went through immediately after the birth of Jesus. They had to relocate to another country in the middle of the night. However, they found it easy to obey the angel’s instructions quickly because they knew the prophecy made concerning the child.
Mary knew the purpose which the child was to achieve so she readily followed God’s instructions every time on how to raise the child. She was not afraid to raise her child differently if it allowed him to be who God wanted him to be.

Imagine how Jesus’ parents felt when they found out that he had, without their consent, stayed back in the temple in Jerusalem. They had travelled a whole day’s journey before realizing that he was not with them.

Your knowledge of your child will determine how, when and where you will discipline the child, no matter how much you are provoked.

Your knowledge of what God says about your child will affect the way you influence his/her decision in choosing a career path. Mary knew Jesus’ earthly mission, so when Jesus abandoned the carpentry trade for which he had been trained by Joseph to preach the gospel, she did not condemn him or call a ‘family meeting’ to persuade, cajole or coerce him.
We are all created in the likeness of God. And God knew us before we were born. He had great plans for us from when the world began. As earthly parents, it is natural for us to take after our Father by knowing our children just the way God knows us.
Before I formed thee in the belly I knew thee;
and before thou camest forth out of the womb
I sanctified thee, and I ordained thee a prophet
unto the nations’. Jeremiah 1:5

Don’t feel bad that you do not have any idea what purpose God has been appointed your child to achieve. While you wait on God for direction, continue to raise your child purposefully in the way of the Lord. Above all, the joy of seeing your child through God’s eyes is amazingly fascinating. If your joy of motherhood is only centered on the fact that you have a child, you are short-changing yourself by depriving yourself of the joy that comes from raising warriors for the kingdom of God.
Always remember that the value of adequate preparation cannot be over-emphasized especially when raising a child. Adequate preparation stems from KNOWLEDGE.

Writer – Olubukonla Oludahunsi

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It was a beautiful Thursday morning. I was enjoying my sleep in La-La land when I heard the beeping sound…. Beep Beep, Beep Beep! It sounded so far away at first, gradually becoming louder and louder, until I could no longer ignore it anymore. Without opening my eyes, I felt around for its source. It was my phone. I had set the alarm for 6:30am so I could have ample time to prepare for work. Normally I would grumble a little but get up. This morning was different, all I wanted was to sleep. So, I hit snooze and went back to la-la land.
Just as I was settling in to continue my dreams, I heard that sound again… This time it was louder and more insistent, and very irritating. In annoyance, I hit the ‘dismiss’ button this time and went back to sleep. At 7:30am, I woke up and knew I was going to be late to work, just because I ignored my alarm.
Rushing to work that morning, it occurred to me that many times, I have applied the same approach to my spiritual alarm as well. Do you know we have a spiritual alarm as believers? You know the still small voice that warns you of impeding danger to your spiritual health or nudges that awake you from your spiritual slumber. That’s the Holy Spirit.

How many times have we hit the snooze button or outrightly dismissed the Holy Spirit? I know I have and each time, it had cost me dearly. It is impossible to live a victorious Christian life without allowing the Holy Spirit free reign in our lives (Eph 5:17). Jesus was quite clear in John 14 and 16 when he spoke about the Holy Spirit. He described the Holy Spirit as our Advocate, Friend and Spirit of Truth.

In John 14:25-27 (MSG), Jesus said:

I’m telling you these things while I’m still living with you. The Friend, the Holy Spirit whom the Father will send at my request, will make everything plain to you. He will remind you of all the things I have told you. I’m leaving you well and whole. That’s my parting gift to you. Peace. I don’t leave you the way you’re used to being left – feeling abandoned, bereft. So don’t be upset. Don’t be distraught.”

The Holy Spirit’s main tasks include revealing secrets to us (1 Cor 2:10); and being our constant reminder of Jesus’ words and God’s promises to us. He is our Spiritual Alarm Clock warning us of impending danger and alerting us to be battle-ready. He is an Exposer – he exposes the godless world’s view of sin, righteousness and judgement. He helps us understand all truth and he is our Guide into all truth.

How can we identify our spiritual alarm clock when it goes off?

First, learn to shut out the noise. Bishop T.D. Jakes in his sermon titled, The Holy Spirit- Your CIA Agent, stated that our lives are a reflection of who we listen to. You are the sum total of the voices you listen to. That is why it is important to learn to shut out the noise so you can hear the Spirit speak to you.

Second, spend time listening to the Holy Spirit. The more you spend time with the Holy Spirit, the easier it is to know His voice when He speaks. One of the greatest barriers to listening to the Holy Spirit is busyness. This also goes back to the first point on shutting out the noise.

Third, work your muscles out. Every believer has access to the same resources. Tap into the Word, meditate on it, spend time with the Holy Spirit and you will find it easier to identify the Holy Spirit’s voice when He warns you.

Finally, be quick to obey. Do not grieve the Holy Spirit (Eph 4:30). Unlike the phone alarm, the Holy Spirit has emotions and can get hurt when you keep hitting snooze or dismissing His warnings. Be careful not to grieve the Holy Spirit. Heed His voice when he warns and save yourself from the heartaches and dramas that flow from disobeying his warnings.

Writer – Tomilola Adebiyi

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Building a Personal Work Vision and Creating an Execution Pathway

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Today, the focus is on the concepts of Process and Journey, two important concepts of life. Work can be described as an activity that constitutes your daily livelihood. However, work on its own, is meaningless and becomes mere activity if it is not purposeful or appealing to your core human desires. If you have ever worked in an organization where your work does not echo your essence, your desires, your cravings and what you really want to do, you may understand how it feels to spend every day of your precious life doing unfulfilling work. Or maybe you are that person who began running their business solely because you wanted something to do? This might also resound with you.

Meriam Webster Dictionary defines Work as a job or activity that you do regularly especially in order to earn money. Free Dictionary defines it as a physical or mental effort or activity directed toward the production or accomplishment of something. All these definitions say something about work being an activity, that you do daily and it sure has an end to it.

I have come to realize that it is in work that man finds fulfilment. Whatever you do to give expression to your abilities and fulfil your desires either as an employees or a business owner is a form of work. Now, what really should matter to you is your response to the question, “Am I purposeful about what I am doing at this time?” While working, do you have a goal in mind or are you just working to survive? You need to determine if there is a method to what you do. Is there a desire you want to fulfil, an inner craving or a goal?

* Work itself is not the problem, you can do anything and exert your effort on it. However, to align with your life’s purpose, your work must matter to you. Doing work that matters to you is the real deal.

#TheRealDeal – Giving meaningful expression to your work by doing what your heart craves to do, fulfilling what you desire to see.

Evaluate what you currently do. Your work, is it mere work, or something you really are passionate about? Do you have dreams about achieving great things with your work? If you have not answered this question, you are merely exerting your energy to put food on your table and pay your bills. In the long run, what will matter is the satisfaction that you get from doing your work.

So how do you create a personal work vision?

” Vision is what sets you apart from the pack. It defines your path and helps you develop a sense of priority. The personal work vision is your individual operating system. It stems from what is important to you – your values and principles, what sets you on fire every day and makes you get up each morning to go to work. In creating your work vision, you discover you.

* Self discovery is a process and it is a journey. It happens to us every day. Know that your level of self-awareness at every stage will help you in determining where to go in the future.

So, you can begin to create your personal work vision right from where you are right now in life.

* To discover yourself, go to the Scriptures. In the process of self-discovery, you will discover purpose.
“Your revealed person points you to your life purpose”.

When you discover purpose, it is easy for you to decide what career to choose. And believe me, everything suddenly becomes unmistakeable at this point. You begin to see possibilities influenced by your consecration to purpose. The journey becomes clearer and you have a sure knowing and a desire that tells you what lies ahead of you in the days or years to come

* So, begin to write down your vision every day. Write it down – what you see, what you desire, what you are imagining, your cravings – get them all on paper. A written vision is easily executed.

* Have a development plan in order to build capacity. Desires are what they are until you are able to get them done.
Build emotional capacity – your ability to stay focused when you’re not getting the desired result, as well as your ability to relate well with people.
Build intellectual capacity – It is a time to gather knowledge and be an expert in your chosen field. Invest in yourself in every way possible. Leverage free and paid learning opportunities – seminars, coaching programs, conferences, structured training programs, MOOCs etc.

* Build mental capacity – A time where what you know is being utilized towards getting a desired result. Train your brain to do and know more.

* In execution, aside having a plan and building capacity, while in that process, render service. Volunteer, help someone. Use someone else’s need as an opportunity to give your ability and potential some expression. If no one gives you the platform for expression, create one, pick yourself and begin to see the end in mind. Keep talking about and reviewing your plan and vision.
As you execute an item, tick it off. In creating a platform for yourself, utilize the social media platforms, get your work out there, get noticed and keep doing.

* Get a mentor and build a network of trusted friends to whom you can voice your vision and plans all the time.
Lastly, always remember that while you work, it must be because you are fulfilling purpose in God and to humanity.

Frederick Buechner says “The place God calls you to, is the place where your deep gladness and the world’s deep hunger meet.

Writer – Adenike Leke-Akinbode

DIWPRTEAMBuilding a Personal Work Vision and Creating an Execution Pathway
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In the Christian Faith, there is a reasoning that pervades our walk with God. It’s this mindset that once we have found God, it is okay to settle. We relax as though we do not need to do anything else. Yes, it is true God has called us to live a life of rest, to labour and enter into His rest for us where we find everything we need to walk in His eternal life as seen in Hebrews 4:11.

“Let us therefore strive to enter that rest, so that no one may fall by the same sort of disobedience.”‭‭ Hebrews‬ ‭4:11‬ ‭ESV‬‬‬‬‬‬
However, the text says to labour, to strive, to keep our focus on the purpose of our existence regardless of what is happening around us. It implies that it is so much easier to let go and be carried away with the practices and culture of the world than it is to strive to enter the rest promised us.

Thank God for His Holy Spirit that strengthens us with might in our inner man to do the impossible.

“Since, then, you have been raised with Christ, set your hearts on things above, where Christ is, seated at the right hand of God.”

‭‭Colossians‬ ‭3:1‬ ‭NIV‬‬ calls us to set our hearts on things above if truly we have received eternal life. Salvation is just the beginning, we should continue with that same faith to work out the life of God in us with the help of the Holy Spirit.‬‬‬‬

“Not that I have already obtained this or am already perfect, but I press on to make it my own, because Christ Jesus has made me his own.”   Philippians‬ ‭3:12‬ ‭ESV‬‬‬‬‬‬

Therefore the fullness of this glorious eternal life for us is to stay in a place of desperation for God even when we have been saved. To have such deep hunger for Him that we pursue Him recklessly, above ambitions and worldly desires. To strive to keep our eyes and heart on Christ everyday despite the calling of the world to our flesh. Regardless of how much we think we know Him, to follow the example of Paul and press on to the upward call in Christ. Let us press on and press in. There is more life in Christ. His depths are inexhaustible. Let us dive deeper that we may come into the riches of this eternal life.

“Seek me and live” Amos 5:4b is a call for us to keep seeking God. The moment we stop seeking, the moment we stop pursuing, the moment we act as though we have already attained, we start to die slowly but surely. The most certain way to stay alive and live this life given us at the new birth is to stay desperate for the only one who truly satisfies us.

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What is your favourite F Word?

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What is your Favourite F Word?

Does F connote Food to you? Does it remind you of the importance of nourishing your body by eating complete diet?

Is it about Fun, talk of TGIF! Many 9-5 employees can relate well with this.

TGIF is not only about wanting to escape from a week-long work but it also affords one the opportunity to relax, refresh, refuel, recuperate, re-energize … by creating time for your hobbies, exercise, etc..

Does it remind you of bonding time with your family and friends, this is a noble cause because family is everything for real?

What of Forgiveness? Does F bring this to mind? Does it remind you to ask others to forgive you when you err?

Does it remind you of God, the ever Forgiving Father, does it remind you to restitute your ways and seek His forgiveness?

What of the Fatherhood of God, does it remind you of God’s Fatherhood and His largeness, the big-breasted God who gives good gifts and causes the sun to shine on all humans?

What are your other favourite F words, please?


Writer: SAsh


DIWPRTEAMWhat is your favourite F Word?
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IMG-20190808-WA0005Death and life are in the power of the tongue, and those who love it will eat its fruit (Proverbs 18:21 NKJV)
Marriage is the fusion of two spirits, souls and bodies raised from different backgrounds, with different outlooks to life and possibly differing values that must become one. Therefore, a man shall leave his father and mother and shall be joined to his wife and they shall become one flesh. Gen 2:24 NKJV
The process of becoming one is actually the marriage experience as you storm and form through the foray of varying and clashing personalities, finding what works and what needs to go as you normalize on the way to becoming ONE.
There will be plenty episodes of frustration and bouts of disagreements, there will be seasons of doubt where you will wonder how or why you ever fell in love with this same person that you seem to never agree about anything anymore, sometimes it may seem like you are married to a stranger – they are but seasons.
In addition, there would also be seasons of great trials and tribulations, and this can come in any form. For some it might be financial, for some it might be health challenges, for some career, some will be tried with delay in breakthroughs, delay in child bearing or maybe even series of miscarriages – the tests will surely come but what defines us is how we handle ourselves during the test by the things we say.
One of the innate abilities we possess by virtue of being created in the likeness and image of God is the ability to create with the spoken word. The earth was void and formless and God said “let there be light” and there was light! Something came from seemingly nothing! However, we must note that the Spirit of God was brooding over the earth – this is topic for another day entirely.
We saw Adam exercise this creative power for the first time when God brought the animals to him, and whatsoever he called them was what there were called. Out of the ground the Lord God formed every beast of the field and every bird of the air and brought them to Adam to see what he would call them. And whatever Adam called each living creature, that was its name (Gen 2:19 NKJV).
Whatever you call your spouse is what they become!
How do I know this to be true? Psalm 82:6 NKJV – “I said you are gods, and all of you are children of the most High” and Jesus Christ confirms this even in John 10:34-35 NKJV – “Jesus answered them, is it not written in your law, I said you are gods? If He called them gods to whom the word of God came (and the scripture cannot be broken)”
If God has given us the power to create by the spoken word because we have been made gods like Him, why then do we use our words flippantly and allow our emotions get the better of us?
Would we rub off on each other in the course of our marital journey? Oh absolutely! In fact, that Holy Spirit-filled and God-loving and serving brother will do things, and you will almost question his salvation – oh yes!
Marriage brings out every hidden part of who we are. However, in the midst of the confusion in our minds when the flesh and our emotions are raging, what words do we speak over our spouses?
Many Christian couples have subjected themselves to a life of mediocrity because they consistently confess the negative about their partner; you have a little disagreement and you are already calling them all sort of names: stupid, dumb, cheat, womanizer, lazy, not man enough, gold digger (oya start filling up the spaces at this point oooo…. Lol! You know the vocabulary peculiar to you).
He becomes what you call him to be! She becomes what you call her to be!
Adam understood this concept so powerfully, it amazes me when I think about it. They had just been caught red-handed in sin, their eyes opened and their sweet innocence corrupted. The jury was out and God was dishing judgement to all the participants (honestly I can imagine how angry and disappointed God felt at that point), all the blame trading was going on and each participant was getting their portion. Adam, of course, was the last to receive his portion as grand master and as God was reeling out his sentence, the man was activating his creative ability and his answer to everything said to him was to look at his wife and say – You will be called Eve because you are the mother of all living.
Now this was a significant moment; Adam had just been cursed by the One who nobody can reverse what He had done and Adam reacted by giving his lifeline to his wife who we can say was somewhat responsible for the sentence he had just been served (I mean she was the one who was deceived, right?). He was deliberate and very specific in his proclamation, Eve would not just be mother of all human beings, she would be mother of all living – dictionary meaning says everything that has life everything existent, everything that would be created, inventions, ideas, innovations; Adam called forth that ability over Eve at the worst moment in his life. We do have a lot to learn from Adam.
There is need for us to choose – not to be overtaken by our emotions and controlled by temporary circumstances of disagreement or conflict, to believe the lie that shortcomings and personal weaknesses define who we are.
We must choose to speak the good we desire to see over our spouses, we must choose not to be careless with our choice of words and utterances.
Your partner is a garden that you have received as a gift, pay attention to it, nurse it and groom it by speaking words of life over your spouse; you have creative ability, use it wisely.
Proverbs 14:1 NKJV says “The wise woman builds her house, but the foolish pulls it down with her hands” but I say, “The wise woman builds her home with her tongue, but the foolish pulls hers with the same”
Be Wise!

Writer: Ademorayo Anuoluwapo Apara (‘Moo)

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IMG-20190807-WA0000Are you ready? We are running late.”
“Give me a few minutes, I will soon be done.”
“Women and their wahala! I wish all human beings are men.”
“I wish too. In short, my next life, I want God to make me a man because all this work and expectations are too much for me.”
The above was a conversation between a woman and her husband as shared with me by a friend. The reason she gave for wanting to become a man were sort of convincing but do not hold any truth in the light of God’s Word. I even almost bought into that talk of women and their wahala but on thinking of God’s Word for me, there are NO REGRETS.
From time immemorial, the society has painted pictures of limitations and presented these to women especially mothers, having them believe this should be their reality. Many women have tried to overturn these expectations and walk in the light of the truth. However, some of us still wish we were men. Can you imagine that? I know these thoughts are motivated by the heavy burden of having to care for the home, take care of the children, be excellent at work place and still have to report for the “other room duty”. In all, there are NO REGRETS. It is such a huge privilege to be called a mother.
Do you know the enormous power you have as a woman and much more as a mother? The devil is very aware of this truth, as clearly as he knows that Jesus is Lord. This explains why he does everything from when a girl child is born to truncate the future of this world changer. You hear of sexual abuse, emotional trauma, heartbreak, delay in marriage, infertility etc, all of which primarily affect the girl child and can potentially keep her from becoming the mother of a nation tomorrow.
No jokes at all! A mother is the fundamental resource in every home, society and nation. It can be successfully debated anywhere! The tenacity and strength she has can level down a mountain, sometimes by using just her words. Her patience with her children and those around her is like that of the father of the prodigal son as he waited for his lost son to return. Inherent in every mother is the ability to turn every stone to bread. What about her wisdom? The best psychologists are yet to fathom it. A mother has depth!!!
Are you still wondering, regretting and complaining about why you are the one who carries the world on your head? Oh no, you are missing a key insight. You do not need to carry it all alone because Jesus has got your back. NO REGRETS!!!
This is a clarion call for every mother, including myself, who has forgotten the potentials we are blessed with. Make a commitment today to leverage on your inherent ability. One thing we can start with is the use of our words to bless and build the lives that surround us. Add to it the power of your touch, the content of your thoughts, the graciousness of your presence, the sweetness of your wisdom and the creativity of your potentials.
Which are you willing to leverage today? As for me, there are NO REGRETS!!! I am a woman, a mother, a world Changer, a Nation Builder and even more. I cannot stop thanking God for these privileges. NO REGRETS!!!
Do share with us in the comments which of these you are willing to leverage on. We are in this together.

Writer: Sandra Onojetah

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Everything that happened prior, during and after Calvary had one purpose – to give mankind HOPE and LIFE again.
Calvary happened so that our sojourn on earth can be meaningful, and to ensure that we will forever reign with Him. God, by giving His only begotten son, displayed how important it was for him to redeem us. He redeemed us so that we can reign with Him forever in heaven and so that, while on earth, we do not live hopelessly, oppressed, forsaken and downhearted.
Many are yet to live in this reality. The life they live is diametrically opposed to what God desired for mankind. The good news has not taken root in their hearts either because they have not heard it or they heard it but did not believe it.
As God’s handmaidens, who have believed in the finished work of Christ and who live in its reality, we have been called to the ministry of reconciliation by default, according to 2Cor 5:1. When Christ was on earth, he commissioned his disciples to preach the gospel. On the day of Pentecost when the promise of the Holy Spirit was fulfilled, the disciples were instructed to live as witnesses of Christ everywhere. Therefore, true followers of Christ followers are required to preach the message of salvation to everyone.
Romans 10:15 “And how will they preach unless they are commissioned and sent [for that purpose]?”
“How beautiful are the feet of those who bring good news of good things!”
Glad tidings simply means good news. News of a man who, having heard about the gospel, finds hope and assurance is a glad tiding. Hearing about a formerly chaotic marriage which is now peaceful because the Prince of Peace has been invited into their marriage is a glad tiding. Knowing that any difficult situation- financial, business, career, emotional disability, family issues, raising children – can be turned around once we believe in Christ is a glad tiding. Ultimately, being able to look forward with great joy to eternal rest and dominion with God is a glad tiding.
Dear God’s Handmaiden, let this be a reminder that you have been commissioned to take the good news to mankind. I pray that you are passionate enough to let everyone everywhere know about Christ’s sacrifice for them and how those who seek Christ may find Him.
May the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you, now and always. Amen.

Writer: Adenike Leke-Akinbode.

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