December 2019

Peek a Boo…. I see Joy

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IMG-20191220-WA0010Some days seem really bleak, nothing seems to add up. Bills are unpaid, debts are piling up, bosses are going down so hard on you, your spouse does not seem to understand you, your dreams just don’t ever seem to see the light of day; in short, if you could describe life in one statement, you would simply say LIFE IS HARD.
When such seasons come, the days seem unduly long and the night does not give the comfort and rest it should. Everything seems thick and overwhelming, almost unbearable and you just can’t seem to see a way out, because you are so blinded by the weight of your predicament.
This was my situation a short while back. I was weighed down by a lot of unanswered questions, pressures and ultimatums staring me in the face. The thoughts and questions did not seem to be good enough to be shared in a conversation between any friend or sister or comrade; I couldn’t discuss with anyone. I knew it was a phase, but I could not shrug off how I felt about the whole scenario. I thought it best to carry this to God but could not seem to find strength to approach the mercy seat. I struggled to pray about my worries or cast my cares on God, so, I bent under the weight of my pains.
Deep down within me, I knew that God held my answers; I knew that I could trust Him to lift my burdens and set me entirely free. But the challenge remained that I had no strength to pray or call on him; I was practically gasping for breath, spiritually.
One day, after feeling so downcast at work, I realized I could not hold it together much longer. I decided I had to leave the office and find some respite for my soul in solitude. I left the office and headed straight home, knowing that the house would be quiet at that time of the day. I got home and locked myself up in the room. I still didn’t have strength to pray out loud, but I invited God into my thoughts and practically prayed in my mind. I asked for strength to pull through, gisted God afresh of all that was bothering me and laid it all bare with refreshing music playing in the background
Nothing really changed immediately, but I felt safe and somewhat understood. I glanced around the room as I lay on the bed and allowed my thoughts to stray. As I glanced around the room, my eyes rested on the window blinds in the room, and all I saw was how dusty it was. I was agitated, how did so much dust settle on the blinds in a room that I sleep in. I was beginning to get worked up; ready to add it to my list of worries again, then I drew closer to the blinds to examine it.
The window blinds were dusty indeed but right there in the dust on the window blinds lay the fingerprints of my two year old daughter. I saw her five fingers, boldly imprinted on the dusty blinds and my mouth curved into a smile; I had just seen the cutest thing ever, in the midst of my agitation. My Spirit soared to the highest heavens and like a veil, darkness and gloominess was lifted. My focus shifted from whatever my worries had previously been, to the precious gift that my daughter is. I imagined the extreme play that she was involved in that led her to leave her fingerprints on the window blinds. My heart welled up in thanksgiving for her life and all the joy that she has brought in so far.
Something had shifted within me; the fingerprints led me to a place of gratitude in my heart. My gaze moved from everything that was not working to the precious gifts I had received freely from the Father. As I flowed forth with thanksgiving from my heart to God, Joy welled up on my inside and I was immediately fortified with strength; I gained perspective, and everything that seemed larger than life lost its power over me and faded away.
As you go through those days that seem too dark for you to handle, I pray you find the key that unlocks the joy that will strengthen you through that phase.
May you find fingerprints in the dust, and may your eyes recognize same.
Sometimes, joy is hidden in the haze of confusing situations, resolve to find it regardless of how you feel.
Writer : Funmi Owo

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Falling in love is euphoric; you are constantly happy and excited at the thought of seeing your partner. You do things that you wouldn’t normally do, feel things you don’t normally feel and you are so happy sometimes, you just cry.

Haaa, the sweet beginning of love. When patience and kindness came so easily.

First comes love, then marriage.

Initially in marriage, you are so excited to be with this awesome human being; and as the case is when you fall, you eventually get up. The bloom starts to wear off.

You begin to settle into a life together, become so used to each other and being so caught in your everyday lives; you get comfortable enough to be your true self every time.
Unfortunately, this discovery of your true selves can be quite irritating at times. Those habits that you used to love from a distance are really annoying when it’s close-up. You begin to notice sloppy table manners, bad fashion sense, illogical reasoning.

You know that famous line of “irreconcilable differences”, I believe it’s a vicious cycle that starts from unresolved irritations. When this is not nipped in the bud, you keep getting triggered faster by future irritating and annoying situations.

You can start the process of ending this vicious cycle using the following 6 ways:

Accept responsibility for your part in the cycle. This is not a blame game because you are not responsible for how your partner acts but you are responsible for the response you give to those “irritating habits”. What you see as annoying might just be inconsequential to your partner simply because it was the norm in his own family when he was growing up. And when you “explode” over it, he sees you as being irrational and wonders what the fuss is all about.

Talk to your partner to understand the reason why. Like I said earlier, your partner might see nothing wrong in his actions and in actual fact, it is really how you see it that is causing the issue. Now if it is a universally accepted bad behaviour, talk to your husband to know why he acts like this. We are Christians and the Bible tells us in Galatians 6:2 “to bear one another’s burdens”.

Is it something you can overlook? In the grand scheme of things, would talking loudly at parties make God fall off His throne or throw the earth out of orbit? The truth is when you constantly complain about your husband’s behaviour to him, you have become annoying too, and this too adds to the problems and makes your marriage look like a war zone.

Instead of criticism, practice humility. When you complain and criticise frequently, it says more about you than it does your husband. When you start getting irritated, pause and take a look at yourself. Am I taking my husband’s behaviour personal? Is my husband really that bad? When was the last time my husband nagged me over a bad habit I know I have?
We are all work-in-progress and being graceful would go a long way.

Remember that your husband is not your enemy. Your job (together with your husband) is to establish God’s kingdom on the earth; that won’t be possible if you are always at loggerheads and you are going through life guided by how you feel.
Take time out, consecrate yourself to God and meditate on what it means to be one.

Continue to fellowship with the Holy Spirit, so that the fruit of the Spirit will be evident in your life. I believe that we can only reach the height of our potential in all of life’s endeavours when we allow the Holy Spirit to flow through us unhindered.

Writer: Olamide Adeyemi

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It’s better now

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Mum: “Susan, please get my pink shoes for me from the wardrobe”

Susan: (No response, just playing with her computer)

Mum: “Susan, I will switch off that computer if you don’t bring me the slippers now”.

Susan ( still no response, just engrossed in her game)

(FINALLY mum stood up and went to get the slippers herself, grumbling)

Mum: *”This Susan is just too stubborn”*

*”she does not listen to me”.*

*”I have been calling her without any response”*

*”What kind of child is she?”*

If you are a mum, or a child (as I am certain we all have been), this scenario may be familiar to you. Mothers give instructions, rules and orders, and when our children fail to obey these instructions, rules and orders immediately or fully, we are quick to tell our children about the consequences of their disobedience but NEVER FIRM ENOUGH TO IMPLEMENT THEM.

This is mainly because we are quick to speak without thinking through what we say.

When this happens a few times, our children become aware that those words are empty threats. And that we would likely not do what we say.

Our lack of firmness in following through with consequences of disobedience with our children have far-reaching effects. You may not have understood that by doing so, you are raising children who believe there are no consequences for bad behaviour – they can always get away with their bad behavior. Such mind-set and behavior can grow out of control with dangerous repercussions if not properly checked.

The good news here is that God has given us a privilege to be parents of our children and not a hireling. As parents, mothers especially, we have been graced with a rare uniqueness to build up our children into living monuments. We have been provided a blueprint to help navigate the building process through God’s Word and the Holy Spirit.

There is a popular saying: *Life is in stages and men are in sizes* Children right from the womb go through different stages of development and it is only right for us as mothers to become aware of these different developmental stages and dish out the appropriate training and discipline needed by the child.

What we find in today’s world is that parents have lost sight of the blueprint – children are becoming parents to their Dad and Mom instead of the other way round. They throw tantrums, they decide how, when, where and with whom they want things to be done.

WATCH OUT, MOM! While it is true that at some stage of a child’s life, they should be given some level of freedom, it is important for you to know WHEN AND HOW this freedom should be given.

It’s better now for all mothers to be INTENTIONAL in the way they raise up their kids using the blue print God has given to us.

Nobody has the blue print for *your own children except their Creator.* Spend time in prayer for each of your children and be INTENTIONAL in figuring out how best to raise them to be champions for Christ. Let us stop the excuses and become INTENTIONAL for they are our INHERITANCE.

*How can we do this now?*

Be what you want in your child. You are the first teacher, the first example and the first rolemodel for your child.

Ask their Father; the Creator the right questions.Seek his guidance concerning each child.

Learn from parenting examples around you ( both failed or successful examples).


Our questions are:

How intentional are you in raising your child?
What are you going to start today or do differently?
Do you know the Father’s mind for your Children?

We would love to hear your thoughts on this. Click on the comment button and drop your view

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The Activation of the Measure of Grace

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The Apostles gave powerful testimonies about the resurrection of the Lord Jesus, and great measures of grace rested upon them all.”
‭‭Acts‬ ‭4:33‬ ‭TPT‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬
Grace is poured upon us by the Father and it is a great leverage that opens us up to possibilities beyond our human capacities. In several parts of the Scriptures, Grace, which is always available to us, is usually activated either by coming into the knowledge of a Truth or by an act of obedience to what advances God’s Kingdom agenda. In our focal scripture, Acts 4:33, great measures of grace was said to have rested upon the Apostles when they gave a powerful testimony about the resurrection of Christ Jesus. Reading through the book of Acts, we read the history of the oppositions the Apostles faced as they preached about Jesus’ resurrection. There were great resistance and persecutions but they didn’t relent nor gave into the opposition. They chose to stand by their convictions of Christ’s resurrection and went about narrating this testimony to all ears.

The kind of boldness and power with which they did this in the face of huge opposition was only made possible by the help of the Holy Spirit. That was the fulfillment of the promise of the Father as Jesus Christ mentioned to them and the expression of what would happen after the Holy Spirit comes upon them.

“But I promise you this—the Holy Spirit will come upon you and you will be seized with power. And you will be my messengers to Jerusalem, throughout Judea, the distant provinces—even to the remotest places on earth!” Acts‬ ‭1:8‬ ‭TPT‬‬‬‬
“And when they had prayed, the place where they were assembled together was shaken; and they were all filled with the Holy Spirit, and they spoke the word of God with boldness.” ‭‭Acts‬ ‭4:31‬ ‭NKJV‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬

What is evident in the Apostles is that they listened to Christ’s instruction to them and they obeyed. By their act of obedience, the promise of the Father was fulfilled which was the boldness with which they spoke. But it didn’t end there, measures of Grace was activated upon them in that process.

Friends, there’s a great measure of Grace that multiplies our supernatural abilities that is beyond the scope of our human limitations. This measure of Grace is activated by a chain of spiritual process as we see in all the scriptures referenced in this article and they include:

• A decision to follow Christ and listen to His instructions. Staying and doing the last instruction until He gives further instructions.
• Waiting on God for the fulfillment of the promise. Praying and steadfastly expecting what the Lord has promised without wavering.
• Leveraging the fulfillment of the promise to propagate the gospel. Testifying about Christ, declaring His Lordship and making all ears hear of His greatness.
There’s a multiplication of grace when we speak with the power and boldness that was supplied to us by the Holy Spirit. And the resultant effects of this, is that our scope of influence for Kingdom sake, gets wider.

May you and I receive great measures of Grace in Jesus name. Amen.

Writer:  Adenike D-light.

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Who am I Becoming?

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In a few weeks we will round up the year 2019 and welcome a brand new year 2020. Are you ready for another 365 days countdown? To prepare for the New Year, it is important to identify who you intend to Become. Let us go ahead to ask a few questions.
The questions to ask yourself are below:

Who do I want to become in 2020?

Why do I want to become the person I want to be?

What price am I willing to pay for the person I am becoming?

How do I ensure I become the person I aspire to be?

It is important to invest more time and energy into taking actions to INTENTIONALLY Grow. Become much more and challenge yourself for more.
1. Who do I want to become in 2020?
It is important to envision the end product of who you intend to be in 2020 and capture an image before your eyes. List out all the attributes and characteristics of who you intend to become. It shows you the end result, where you are and plan towards becoming the person you intend to become.
2. Why do I want to become the person I want to be?
The Why keeps you going when you want to give up the becoming process. It pushes you and just like an instructor in the gym it never permits you to give up but see the purpose of the entire journey to becoming.
3. What price am I willing to pay for the person I am becoming?
I love the scripture in Luke 14:28 (NLT) it says “But don’t begin until you count the cost. For who would begin construction of a building without first getting estimates and then checking to see if there is enough money to pay the bills?”
A lot of people pay lip service to Becoming and ignore the actual work, efforts and time that goes into becoming. It is highly important to be willing to make the sacrifices for the next level for the upgrade that leads to the individual you want to BECOME.

The scripture clearly states to count the cost before proceeding on the project. We need to identify and understand all that is involved in the Becoming process and commit to the entire process.
You need to sit down and count the cost of Becoming.

Are you willing to become?

Are you willing to put in the effort to becoming?

Are you willing to pay the price?

If your answers are all yes. Then sit down to a cup of tea and get a “Becoming Journal”. Identify and capture all that is required to become, identify all the sacrifices that are required to become and commit to paying the price no matter what. Ensure you articulate and capture your 2020 strategy before the New Year.

Wish you all the best and looking forward to becoming and upgrading a greater version in 2020.


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