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Mum: “Susan, please get my pink shoes for me from the wardrobe”

Susan: (No response, just playing with her computer)

Mum: “Susan, I will switch off that computer if you don’t bring me the slippers now”.

Susan ( still no response, just engrossed in her game)

(FINALLY mum stood up and went to get the slippers herself, grumbling)

Mum: *”This Susan is just too stubborn”*

*”she does not listen to me”.*

*”I have been calling her without any response”*

*”What kind of child is she?”*

If you are a mum, or a child (as I am certain we all have been), this scenario may be familiar to you. Mothers give instructions, rules and orders, and when our children fail to obey these instructions, rules and orders immediately or fully, we are quick to tell our children about the consequences of their disobedience but NEVER FIRM ENOUGH TO IMPLEMENT THEM.

This is mainly because we are quick to speak without thinking through what we say.

When this happens a few times, our children become aware that those words are empty threats. And that we would likely not do what we say.

Our lack of firmness in following through with consequences of disobedience with our children have far-reaching effects. You may not have understood that by doing so, you are raising children who believe there are no consequences for bad behaviour – they can always get away with their bad behavior. Such mind-set and behavior can grow out of control with dangerous repercussions if not properly checked.

The good news here is that God has given us a privilege to be parents of our children and not a hireling. As parents, mothers especially, we have been graced with a rare uniqueness to build up our children into living monuments. We have been provided a blueprint to help navigate the building process through God’s Word and the Holy Spirit.

There is a popular saying: *Life is in stages and men are in sizes* Children right from the womb go through different stages of development and it is only right for us as mothers to become aware of these different developmental stages and dish out the appropriate training and discipline needed by the child.

What we find in today’s world is that parents have lost sight of the blueprint – children are becoming parents to their Dad and Mom instead of the other way round. They throw tantrums, they decide how, when, where and with whom they want things to be done.

WATCH OUT, MOM! While it is true that at some stage of a child’s life, they should be given some level of freedom, it is important for you to know WHEN AND HOW this freedom should be given.

It’s better now for all mothers to be INTENTIONAL in the way they raise up their kids using the blue print God has given to us.

Nobody has the blue print for *your own children except their Creator.* Spend time in prayer for each of your children and be INTENTIONAL in figuring out how best to raise them to be champions for Christ. Let us stop the excuses and become INTENTIONAL for they are our INHERITANCE.

*How can we do this now?*

Be what you want in your child. You are the first teacher, the first example and the first rolemodel for your child.

Ask their Father; the Creator the right questions.Seek his guidance concerning each child.

Learn from parenting examples around you ( both failed or successful examples).


Our questions are:

How intentional are you in raising your child?
What are you going to start today or do differently?
Do you know the Father’s mind for your Children?

We would love to hear your thoughts on this. Click on the comment button and drop your view

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Waiting and Investing in Motherhood

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Dear Momma,

How your side? And your yard people, hope everyone’s doing well? Thank you for taking time to read this article. Following the prompting of the spirit, I want to encourage you. Scripture says in Isaiah 40:31 that “But those who wait for the LORD [who expect, look for, and hope in Him] Will gain new strength and renew their power; They will lift up their wings [and rise up close to God] like eagles [rising toward the sun]; They will run and not become weary, They will walk and not grow tired.”

Every time I read this scripture, I see that the Lord is mindful of our journey as Christians, and this includes activities our hands find doing. It is a proof that God wants to be there with us all the way, helping us succeed, as we rely on His strength, power and Spirit. The only thing we have to do is wait! That’s the only requirement – learning to wait on Him for renewal of strength. This strength isn’t even just about physical strength, it includes mental, spiritual and strength of character.

Motherhood means a lot to God because it is His avenue for raising generals for Himself. This makes it exclusively spiritual, so by no human strength shall any mother succeed. We need God to help us nurture these precious gifts in His way and His way alone. How do you describe your motherhood journey? Judge yourself not Sis, just do a sincere evaluation of what you’ve been relying on and if you depend on God for wisdom and direction concerning raising your child (ren). The Lord who gave you these gifts to raise as godly seeds, has qualified you for the assignment and has endued you with power and strength.

So when you feel the overwhelming pressure to perform as a mother, don’t lose it yet. Wait on God for renewal of strength. When you are at lost on what to do about your child’s academic abilities, don’t let go of your hope, wait on God. If you see a character flaw in your child, be reminded that he belongs to God, wait on Him. When you are about to make a major decision regarding your child, don’t forget that God has the volume of books written concerning him. Wait on the One who gave you such a precious being. May your strength not be small in the day of battle and may you be strong when you need to stand for your own. All you have to do is wait. The promise of waiting is that you will mount up with wings as eagles.

Eagles soar above all else. Imagine you soaring above everything that wants to slow you down or suppress you; think about you soaring above challenges that belabor every other mother, just because you chose to wait on God for strength.

As you practice the art of waiting on God as a mother, investing is another art you must embrace and be conscious of. Investing must be a deliberate lifestyle of a mother who sees her children as godly seeds. She will invest into their future with prayers, positive words, scripture-inspired confessions etc. I encourage you not to get carried away by life demands to the end that you forget the investing part of your motherhood. While it is called today, there would be always be a tomorrow. Tomorrow happens happily to those who expect some positive outcomes of their deliberate acts of yesterday.

Dear Mama, God’s got you and He will never leave you. In the midst of life bustling, you can never miss it waiting on God! So wait. You have an assurance of a beautiful tomorrow in God for your children if you invest today. So, invest.

Grace and peace be multiplied to you and I.

Writer: Adenike D-light

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Having to deal with some physically challenged, or sick children can be overwhelming. The pain, hurt and demand of tending to them could be beyond words. It seems hard to imagine the pain of hoping daily for miracles, or believing that God will turn the story into glory and with that, wipe away every tears.
I know a child that was born blind from his mother’s womb. Hard to imagine? What do you think would have been the fate of his mother when the doctor told her that her new innocent child could not see. Some may say her that she probably didn’t take the necessary medical prescriptions, or that she may have been careless. Others could add that the boy’s condition may have been hereditary. Which ever ‘MAYBE IT IS, MAYBE IT WAS’ that people say is it, still, it is the child’s mother that will likely bear the daily brunt of having to look after, and care for her blind child from infancy to his teenage years.
In most cases, some people may never really understand what such a mother could be going through, knowing that only a few persons may be available to help her. One of the solutions we must seek in this situation, is to find out God’s side of the story.
What is God saying about it? I remember a similar case in the bible, when they asked Jesus why a man was born blind. They wanted to know whom they could put the blame on, or better put, whose fault it was that the man was born blind. The amazing part of this story was Jesus’ answer to their question. His response swallowed the verdict!!! He said it’s not because of anyone’s error or fault, but FOR THE LORD TO BE GLORIFIED!!!
Have you ever thought that what you may be going through over your child, could be a way for God to glorify himself? Yes there is pain, yes there are tears, yes there are demands which tend to weigh you down, but ALL OF THESE ARE COMING TOGETHER TO GLORIFY GOD !!! Don’t give up on that child, don’t listen to the lies of the devil, don’t succumb to the pressures around, rather seek God’s opinion about the situation and hold on to Him. You will yet testify!
I can never forget in a hurry, the story of Mephiboseth. He was dropped on his feet and he became lame. Before you know it, he became the responsibility of a nurse. When the whole world dumped and abandoned a lame boy, his own mother left him behind too. She could have cared for him, the prince’s life could have been protected, and her memoir written in the chronicles as a great woman who raised a physically challenged prince. But what a pity, the word of God was silent about her! She was among the nameless in the bible, and a generation yet unborn couldn’t call her blessed! Please be encouraged beloved, don’t drop that boy, don’t abandon that girl, don’t give up on those SEEDS OF PURPOSE who may have been specifically and intentionally given to you by God.
We need to stand firm on our conviction that children are gifts given by God, as all good and perfect gifts come from him. Even if they are mentally, physically or ‘health-wise’ challenged, we should not give up on them or compare them with others. They are “SEEDS OF PUPOSE” they must be planted in God to bear fruits for his glory. We must rejoice that we are privileged to work with Him to bring forth these Kingdom Gems. It must not become a burden to us, we must see them as Jehovah’s blessings and treat them as such. God is our exceeding great reward. Amen

Writer: Odetola Funmi

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Predestined for This – Learning from Mary’s Motherhood

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The response Mary gave Angel Gabriel when he came to deliver the news about the birth of Jesus tells the state of her mind even when in her wildest dreams she didn’t know that a moment of such experience was coming five minutes prior. Picture yourself cooking, driving, sweeping, doing the laundry or some chores and there came an appearance of an Angel foretelling about you experiencing a life event that still requires the fulfillment of one more step in the process to get there. I mean, Mary was engaged to be married, it is a given that she’d be pregnant after being married and Joseph would eventually be a father but according to predestination as God planned it, the time for the supernatural conception of our Lord Jesus was right about that time.

Mary’s Motherhood happened earlier than she and everyone else thought but what should stand out for us, is how she graciously fulfilled this mandate despite the enmity and criticisms that came with that event.
Would you say she was ready for this life?
Imagine, the instant she was told about conceiving without having intercourse with a man but by the Spirit of God, her response was that “ Behold, I am the servant of the Lord; may it be done to me according to your word.”
In addition, while on the motherhood journey, she was faced with so much enmity.

In all this, Mary was unperturbed rather she paid attention to the events in her child’s life:

1) She took record of what the baby’s life purpose is as the Angel said.

2) After birth, the enemy was after her child to kill him. However, she followed God’s instructions on where they should go so the baby can be protected. We must be discerning, not stiff-necked about what we think, willing and ready to execute instructions concerning our children as the Lord commands us in this motherhood journey.

3) Jesus like every child had his own play agenda and went missing, Mary behaved as you and I would, she was frantic and anxious to find her child. She alongside Joseph sacrificed to journey back hundreds of miles to look for this child of promise.

4) The emotional weight from pregnancy to journeying on a camel while pregnant, to delivery and to raising a child could have been enormous but she had a willing and obedient heart.

5) There may be nothing so thrilling about raising a child that has been said to be the Savior of the world, but she stayed the course raising her family, fulfilling the usual Jewish traditions and going through life like everyone else, when it was time for Jesus to step into actual ministry, she quickened His time by asking the servants to obey whatever He asked them to do. Mary carried Jesus’ prophecy in her heart until He became an adult and when the time came, she knew it and she used the tool of obedience to facilitate the launch of His ministry.

That very child you are mothering has been destined to come through you to birth, nurture, guide, care for, raise, mentor, provide for, pray for, etc. You were appointed to do this for your child(ren). Just like the case of Mary, everything about this motherhood thing is supernatural and it is your calling. You were made for this and you’ve got capacity. Be rest assured that the Lord is with you; He has promised never to leave you nor forsake you.
According to Romans 8:28-30, All things will keep working together for your good because God foreknew you, predestined you, called you, justified you and will indeed make His glory shine in and through you on this motherhood matter. You are covered Sis. No shaking for you.

And, by the Spirit of the Lord today, I say to you as it was said to Mary “Greetings, favored one! The Lord is with you.”
Indeed, He is.

Grace to you and I in Jesus name. Amen.
Writer: Adenike D-light

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The angel said to her,
Don’t be afraid, Mary; God has been gracious to you.
…and you will name him Jesus. He will be great and will
be called the son of the Most High God. The Lord God will
make him a King, as his ancestor David was
,and he will be king of the descendants of Jacob forever;
his kingdom will never end!’ Luke 1:30 (GNT)

The discomfort a mother experiences during pregnancy is enormous. The process of bringing forth a child into this world is action-packed. And nurturing the child is wholesomely interesting yet physically and emotionally demanding.

A mother who is the recipient of a prophecy announcing the birth of her child will find the strength and stamina needed through the pregnancy, birth and any difficult times. When she is tired and weak, she can hold on to the prophecy received and draw strength from it.

Imagine the emotional and psychological stress that Mary and Joseph went through immediately after the birth of Jesus. They had to relocate to another country in the middle of the night. However, they found it easy to obey the angel’s instructions quickly because they knew the prophecy made concerning the child.
Mary knew the purpose which the child was to achieve so she readily followed God’s instructions every time on how to raise the child. She was not afraid to raise her child differently if it allowed him to be who God wanted him to be.

Imagine how Jesus’ parents felt when they found out that he had, without their consent, stayed back in the temple in Jerusalem. They had travelled a whole day’s journey before realizing that he was not with them.

Your knowledge of your child will determine how, when and where you will discipline the child, no matter how much you are provoked.

Your knowledge of what God says about your child will affect the way you influence his/her decision in choosing a career path. Mary knew Jesus’ earthly mission, so when Jesus abandoned the carpentry trade for which he had been trained by Joseph to preach the gospel, she did not condemn him or call a ‘family meeting’ to persuade, cajole or coerce him.
We are all created in the likeness of God. And God knew us before we were born. He had great plans for us from when the world began. As earthly parents, it is natural for us to take after our Father by knowing our children just the way God knows us.
Before I formed thee in the belly I knew thee;
and before thou camest forth out of the womb
I sanctified thee, and I ordained thee a prophet
unto the nations’. Jeremiah 1:5

Don’t feel bad that you do not have any idea what purpose God has been appointed your child to achieve. While you wait on God for direction, continue to raise your child purposefully in the way of the Lord. Above all, the joy of seeing your child through God’s eyes is amazingly fascinating. If your joy of motherhood is only centered on the fact that you have a child, you are short-changing yourself by depriving yourself of the joy that comes from raising warriors for the kingdom of God.
Always remember that the value of adequate preparation cannot be over-emphasized especially when raising a child. Adequate preparation stems from KNOWLEDGE.

Writer – Olubukonla Oludahunsi

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IMG-20190807-WA0000Are you ready? We are running late.”
“Give me a few minutes, I will soon be done.”
“Women and their wahala! I wish all human beings are men.”
“I wish too. In short, my next life, I want God to make me a man because all this work and expectations are too much for me.”
The above was a conversation between a woman and her husband as shared with me by a friend. The reason she gave for wanting to become a man were sort of convincing but do not hold any truth in the light of God’s Word. I even almost bought into that talk of women and their wahala but on thinking of God’s Word for me, there are NO REGRETS.
From time immemorial, the society has painted pictures of limitations and presented these to women especially mothers, having them believe this should be their reality. Many women have tried to overturn these expectations and walk in the light of the truth. However, some of us still wish we were men. Can you imagine that? I know these thoughts are motivated by the heavy burden of having to care for the home, take care of the children, be excellent at work place and still have to report for the “other room duty”. In all, there are NO REGRETS. It is such a huge privilege to be called a mother.
Do you know the enormous power you have as a woman and much more as a mother? The devil is very aware of this truth, as clearly as he knows that Jesus is Lord. This explains why he does everything from when a girl child is born to truncate the future of this world changer. You hear of sexual abuse, emotional trauma, heartbreak, delay in marriage, infertility etc, all of which primarily affect the girl child and can potentially keep her from becoming the mother of a nation tomorrow.
No jokes at all! A mother is the fundamental resource in every home, society and nation. It can be successfully debated anywhere! The tenacity and strength she has can level down a mountain, sometimes by using just her words. Her patience with her children and those around her is like that of the father of the prodigal son as he waited for his lost son to return. Inherent in every mother is the ability to turn every stone to bread. What about her wisdom? The best psychologists are yet to fathom it. A mother has depth!!!
Are you still wondering, regretting and complaining about why you are the one who carries the world on your head? Oh no, you are missing a key insight. You do not need to carry it all alone because Jesus has got your back. NO REGRETS!!!
This is a clarion call for every mother, including myself, who has forgotten the potentials we are blessed with. Make a commitment today to leverage on your inherent ability. One thing we can start with is the use of our words to bless and build the lives that surround us. Add to it the power of your touch, the content of your thoughts, the graciousness of your presence, the sweetness of your wisdom and the creativity of your potentials.
Which are you willing to leverage today? As for me, there are NO REGRETS!!! I am a woman, a mother, a world Changer, a Nation Builder and even more. I cannot stop thanking God for these privileges. NO REGRETS!!!
Do share with us in the comments which of these you are willing to leverage on. We are in this together.

Writer: Sandra Onojetah

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IMG-20190710-WA0004How can I get out of this mess? I love my job and of course, I adore my children. They are the best thing that God has given me after salvation. Still, I can’t choose between my job and my children. I can’t quit my job and I can’t be watching the devil mess with my children like this. The pressure is becoming increasingly unbearable. Last week, Tade’s class teacher called me that I need to do something urgently about him because he was caught kissing a girl in the school toilet. Oh my God! My mind quickly flashed back to last Sunday when their children Sunday school teacher hinted me that my boy was seen checking pornographic film on his phone. Can someone just wake me up from this dreamland and tell me where I have gotten it all wrong?
How can I explain the drastic drop in his academic performance especially mathematics and sciences even with extra lesson and extra hours devoted to reading, this boy is not yielding. I can’t even begin to talk about so many shameful acts he has done in the last few months. He will keep crying and promising not to repeat it when caught in the ungodly acts and I can tell he’s genuinely sorry, but the next minute he’s at it again with worst blows. I feel drained and totally exhausted! I don’t know what David felt when he said his heart was overwhelmed, but truly that is how I am feeling right now!
God knows I have tried all my best to be a good wife and an awesome mum! Despite my ever crazy and busy schedules, I still take time out to pray with them and also carve out at least 15mins daily to study the scriptures together and still go through their school assignments. Though my husband will not lift a finger to help, he keeps saying he’s doing all he’s doing for the kids and I. Anyways, I work also, and I still contribute meaningfully to the family financial needs, so how will I keep my sanity? I want to maintain peace with my husband, have a fantastic performance at work and still raise godly genius for God. I am wondering how the scriptures can be fulfilled in my life that I can do ALL THINGS through Christ that strengthens me. “How can I?”, when I can’t even do these few things effectively and efficiently. How did Jochebed manage to raise Moses in such an insane world, how did she manage to raise his son for the palace?
God keeps telling me that I must raise Kingdom Eunuchs. How will I do this effectively, when there are bills mounting up monthly and we must do what we must do to keep body and soul? I have prayed, fasted, sought counsel, still I feel the result I am getting is not measuring up to my input. How best can I raise God’s general from this kind of a child?
Whoa! A scripture just flashed through my spirit, He calls things that are not as though they were, and they come into existence, so I can call forth what I want? So, I can create the world of my children with His written word. So, something good can still come out of my Nazareth? My Jabez can still be more honourable than all his brothers? God, I believe you!
Are you into this journey with me? Do you have a rebellious, disobedient child (either spiritual or biological) that you are planning to give up on like Hagar’s son, or like Eli’s grandchild Ichabod? Are you still single or a waiting mother but believing God to raise Kingdom generals and great seed of purpose through your womb? Is there any mother of Dinah here reading this? If you can just know the truth about the child and stop believing the lies of the enemy and your current reality, if you can just hold on to God and pray like Jabez and not give up on your Moses, if you can just believe in what God has put in you to turn such amazing destiny around. If you can partner with God to raise seeds of purpose through you, eternity will celebrate you for it! Don’t give up, rather rise Up to the demand and Build, because greater is He that is in YOU! I love you and God is with you, thou MIGHTY WOMAN OF VALOUR!
Writer : Funmi Odetola

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Hey Gorgeous Mom,

How are you and your munchkins doing today? How is motherhood going for you? Sure you are staying committed to always give it your best and leaning on God’s grace for success?

Today, let’s talk about your person, who you are and the potential of what you might become in your motherhood journey. It is a great privilege to have little humans to care for, nurture, protect, train and guide. As much as this can be overwhelming at times, it is also fulfilling to see our children happy. The smiles on their faces energize our tired bodies and fuel our desires to be there for them. Beyond the day to day activities of mothering your children, it is very imperative that you give attention to who you are and even who you are becoming as this impacts greatly on all you do as a mother and ultimately on your children.

Many women didn’t set out to be moms with any negative behavioral pattern, and most certainly many had formed a mental image of the loving, caring, protective, organized, well-mannered mothers they’d be. But as they lived life one day after another, they almost couldn’t live up to their mummy goals because of who they had become as mothers. You see, our upbringing and pre-motherhood experiences have great influences on who we may become as mothers, the resultant effects are a mix of good and bad; some we can easily identify and some find expressions as reactions to situations and demands. I remember an aunt who said she grew up in a family where proper hygiene was far reaching and she had made up her mind to give her husband and children proper hygiene routine in her home. She can’t afford to be that mother whose children can’t know by sight, what a clean environment, water, food, and clothes means. Some women are constantly bitter and angry because of past experiences with their relatives, friends, allies, colleagues, church folks and this emotion came with them into motherhood. Some are just disorganized, untidy and messy; some do not have the habits of praying and being spiritually minded, some are laid-back in task execution, some do not know how to show initiative, creativity or resourcefulness, some have bad personal values, some saw their parents relate badly with people in public places, some mothers are not accommodating in their homes so no one can live with them etc. And there are women who picked up character defects while in motherhood and you find them saying,” I haven’t always been like this”.

Dear beautiful mom, when people see your children, they’d know the kind of mother you are. I know you want to be the best mother possible to your children and you are striving at this every day. The very reason you are being urged to be careful who you are becoming is for posterity sake. It is highly important to note that prior and current experiences can shape you into a kind of person tomorrow. What kind will it be? Regardless of how you were raised by your mom, your childhood, teenage or adulthood experiences, the many disappointments and let-downs you’ve had, the manner in which your first family was ran, you have the ultimate decision of what and who you become as a mother.
Posterity isn’t only about wealth; it is so much more about the values and great character we pass on to our children, the mind wholeness and individual completeness they get from us. Pastor Tunde Bakare would always refer to his children as the letter to the future he wouldn’t see. What this means is that after we are long gone at full age, our children would carry on the kind of message we have always preached, the kind of persons we were, the kind of live we lived. So, it puts a great responsibility on us to write good letters to that future so that generations after would know who we were even though they didn’t meet us physically.

So, dear mom, what character defects do you have to deal with so you can become a better person? Your children will take these batons from you and carry them on if not dealt with. May it not be said of you that you handed over batons full of negatives to your children. At the very heart of personal development are constant self awareness, evaluation and change. I urge you to do constant deep introspection every day and be intentional about it. What character flaws can you see in yourself, what bad habits have you engaged in, what is your daily living like? What are your mummy goals and how close are you to achieving them? These questions will keep the eyes of your heart open and alert to always take redress when necessary.

Remember, as you journey on in your motherhood, when we say be careful who you are becoming. It is for posterity sake. Grace to you in Jesus name.


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Writer: Adenike Leke-Akinbode

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“I am tired”
“I am exhausted”
“I don’t have time for myself”
“I can’t make it because I have so much to do”

As a working mom, how many times have you said these words to yourself?

For you, time is your most precious commodity and resource. And 24 hours each day just does not seem enough anymore. Being a mother and having a successful career are both time-consuming activities.

You want to be the best at both tasks but when you are at work, you feel guilty that you are not being your best at home. You tell yourself …. “No one can shop, clean or cook for my family as well as I can.” At work, you are constantly plagued with mommy guilt. And at home, you miss being at work. You look at other successful career women who seem to have it all together and ask yourself, “Shouldn’t I be able to figure this out on my own?” “Why can’t I get it all done?” “Why can’t I be like the Proverbs 31 woman? The truth is that no one has got it all figured out.

The art of delegation is a survival kit for all moms especially working moms. Ask yourself today, “ What’s so wrong with outsourcing?”.

It is a norm today for both parents to hold down jobs so that they can share the financial burden in the home. For a mother, she has to find a delicate balance between the home and her work.
No one can do it all on her own. You are not a Super Woman. I mean, Batman has got Robin, Sherlock Holmes has John Watson and even Wonder Woman has Etta Candy!
So why do you think you have to do everything all by yourself? Even with a very helpful spouse, it is difficult to do it all without breaking down as we only have 24 hours each day. Actually 20 hours if you live in Lagos, as you may spend at least 4 hours each day in traffic commuting to work!
So today, instead of struggling to balance everything, take a step back to reassess your situation – what tasks can you delegate to someone else? How about outsourcing the time-consuming chores that take you away from doing the things that you love? Learn to ask for help wherever you can. Instead of exhausting yourself with the extra stress of household tasks, utilize the services and support of people that are fully equipped to help. Hire a handyman service to finish quick repairs at home, get a laundryman to take care of laundry, reduce trips to the market by hiring someone do that for you, I know it can sound very “diva-like” but it is actually just being resourceful and understanding the value of time.
There are many underlying reasons why working mothers struggle with delegating and outsourcing time-consuming tasks – the fear of being judged by society or being seen as a mother that is not ‘hands on’. The truth is that delegation and outsourcing are necessary survival tools to becoming a successful working mom. The alternative is to try to do everything but that would lead to being stretched too thinly, negatively affecting your health. You may break down and find out that by trying to do everything, you end up not spending enough time for what matters most—your FAMILY.
The reality is: you are not new to outsourcing. Whether you realize it or not, you already delegate tasks on a regular basis. As a working mother, we effectively assign the care and education of our children to others when they go to school or spend time in child care and we balance errands and chores with our spouses. By further maximizing our support network, we make our life a lot easier. If the business world outsources to be more efficient, working mothers can (and should) do the same!
Someone can do it better, faster than me? Great, let them do it! I can make more efficient use of the time that I save, and hopefully even cover the outsourcing expenses at the same time – or I gift myself the time with my family or partner.
The message to today’s working mom is this: do what you can and then get help with the rest.

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