Our Ministry

The Deborah Initiative for Women is a ministry with a mandate to raise strong women of God by the Word and Spirit of Faith!

Our Mission

We would raise strong women by

  • Teaching the word of faith, with simplicity and for application in everyday living
  • Leading women to pray in the spirit of faith, through confessions of God’s word
  • Building a vital community of faith, where women can find friendship, support and guidance in other Christian women
  • Raising younger women through mentoring and modelling
  • Bringing the lost, wounded, tired, afraid and unreached into this bandwidth of grace
  • Stirring women to their God given destiny by pure prophetic grace, bringing an accurate word in season.

Our Core Values

Spirituality – God as the Centre of our Lives

Community – Love and friendship as the tie that binds

Word and Spirit of faith God’s word as the basis of our confident expectation

Empowerment – helping women rise into their possibilities

Partnership – everyone has a stake, and a place!

Our Visionary

Debola Deji-Kurunmi is a dimpled smile on the face of the world, with an unbridled passion for helping many find and fulfil their God inspired dreams.

As an inspiring writer, witty speaker, practical mentor and minister of the Gospel, she has continued to inspire countless women on their journey to standing strong, moving on and staying ahead! At the heart of her pursuits is the conviction that life is not to be merely lived, but explored into all its uncharted courses!

 She believes that the love and quest for God are the singular most defining influences over a person’s life, and she is committed to raising a generation of women who live by faith, make a difference in society and reach their wildest dreams!

DDK as she is fondly called recently received a Global Leadership Award from Geneva amongst Presidents and Heads of State. An astute Life Coach, Minister of the Gospel, Social Entrepreneur

DDK is a full time employee of God’s Kingdom, a full time happy, fabulous woman, a full time lover to her husband and a full time rug-rolling, baby-backing, lullaby-singing mum!






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