Missions and Charity

  • To touch the world through evangelism, material giving, and empowerment for sustainable living.
  • To give hope to individuals in prisons, remand homes, hospitals, and orphanages as well as people seeking a fresh start.


  • To ensure a culture of love, sisterhood and belonging amongst all DIW partners
  • To ensure we can give account of every single partner at every given time
  • To let our hair down, enjoy our womanhood and build friendships that last.

House of Prayer

  • To build a strong internal platform for prayers, intercession and Scriptural study that empowers DIW partners to grow spiritually and share burdens.
  • To host the Brook – DIW’s e-Prayer House, as an outreach to non-DIW members, thus providing the ministry of succor and strength as well as opening pathways for new members to join.
  • To coordinate an intercessory team of members who pray behind the scenes for DIW as a ministry and it’s partners as individuals.
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