Damsels Academy

  • To create a fun, engaging and down-to-earth Academy that teaches, equips, mentors and connects young teenage girls, so that they are prepared for life and success.
  • To build partnerships with teenage-girl ministries/ social ventures and secondary schools in achieving A above.

God’s Great Girls

  • To create a fun, engaging and down-to-earth outreach that teaches, equips, mentors and connects young women, in higher institutions so that they maximize their youth and make right decisions.
  • To connect these young women with successful older women, thus providing access to inspiration, counsel and support!


  • To create an internal system of financial management, accountability and reporting of all DIW funds
  • To create and manage a regular system of giving, sowing and financial partnership from DIW partners as well as members/ friends of the family.
  • To coordinate and approve alongside the President, the release, disbursement and monitoring of funds for DIW events, projects and welfare needs.
  • To prepare periodic reports for DIW’s partners and spiritual fathers.

Life Academy for Women

  • To host transformational coaching and mentoring meetings for women, where critical thought and expression is given to high-definition living by God’s standards, thus showing a new way of thinking for new results.
  • To give a corporate expression to spiritual principles, in a way that is applicable in daily living, marriage, motherhood, enterprise etc.

Prayer Luncheon for Women

  • To organise, coordinate and host prophetic prayer meetings and conferences with the teaching of God’s word, faith confessions and the worship of our God.
  • To create an environment for women to gather together to be taught how to live victoriously, to be strengthened, to have their spirits refreshed, their hearts set ablaze and their souls restored.

Kingdom of Words

  • To craft and publish faith confessions based on God’s word as a tool for believers to negotiate better outcomes for their lives.
  • To publish and distribute books in paper, e-version and audio forms under DIW which teach faith, inspire hope and explain biblical truths in clear and easily applicable ways.

P.R and Media

  • To effectively communicate DIW to the public by creating and coordinating platforms where social interaction is constant and to grow a virtual community of our DIW partners and members.
  • To influence the existing culture by employing social media tools to show the ways of the Kingdom by providing audio, video and text material of kingdom realities.
  • To create beautiful design work and publicise DIW events.
  • To create systems of documenting DIW events by audio and video recordings.

Partnerships and memberships

  • To foster a culture of rejoicing over every milestone in the lives of DIW partners.
  • To handle DIW correspondence internally.
  • To operate as the primary contact of the public to DIW partnerships providing information and responding to all external correspondence in a swift, loving and kindly manner.
  • To efficiently collate and distribute DIW data when and where required.
  • To coordinate and host Intra DIW events such as DIW partners’ retreats and Leaders’ Business meetings.
  • To work in conjunction with SOM to ensure successful partnership induction processes.
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