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I imagined Sister Sarah attended a marriage seminar where the speaker laid emphasis on the need for sisters not to marry a man that has no vision.

The teaching resonated with her so well. Now, Sister Sarah is blessed to be married to a man that has a clear vision of how the future would look. God told Abraham in Genesis 12:1-9,14-18 that his descendants will inherit the land of Canaan even when nothing in the present was pointing to that fact. At the time Hagar had not borne him Ishmael. Yet, Abraham chose to trust and believe God. For this act, God accepted him. That is, the promise was sealed because of Abraham’s belief. However, Abraham needed Sarah for the delivery of the vision/promise.

Of course, Sarah believed what Abraham told her about God’s promise to ‘Abraham’ and not to the two of them as a couple. I want to believe that Sarah made Hagar sleep with Abraham so that he could have a child because she did not see the fulfilment of promise/vision in the context of both herself and Abraham as couple/family. She presumed that it was solely for Abraham.

However, the bible says in Hebrews 11:11(NKJV) that
By faith Sarah HERSELF ALSO received strength to conceive seed,
and she bore a child when she was past the age,
because she judged Him faithful who had promised.

This means not UNTIL Sarah personalized the vision/promise, it delayed. Perhaps, if she had believed the promise/vision at the time her husband told her when they were younger, they would have hastened the fulfillment of the promise.
Dear sister, are you married and finding it difficult to believe in the vision or promise of God to your husband because of the situation of things or circumstances around you? Or your own is just out of sheer disrespect? I pray that you will receive the STRENGHT to RECEIVE the vision/promise as a couple/family, hence bring forth seed.
Yes, it took divine visitation before Sarah could personally receive strength to conceive and believe the promise. God graciously decided to visit Sarah. I think God knew that for Sarah to really believe in the promise He made to Abraham, He must personally convince her. And why would God do the convincing anyway? I guess it is because for the promise to be fulfilled, Abraham needed Sarah’s womb as ISAAC must come through Sarah.

In case you are yet to plunge yourself into the vision/promise your husband received from God for your home, it is not too late dear sister. Just ask for the grace to ALSO receive and judge Him faithful that had promised.

Sister, now that you are married to that brother with vision and lots of God’s promise, it will do both of you well if you believe and receive the vision and promise EARLY and pray earnestly for its delivery. It is so interesting to know that aside the speedy delivery your alignment with your husband’s vision brings, it also gives your husband emotional support and stability. No wonder the Jesus said:

…Again I say to you, that if two of you shall agree on earth as touching anything that they shall ask,
it shall be done for them of my father which is in heaven Matthew 18:19(AKJV)

God bless you.

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The angel said to her,
Don’t be afraid, Mary; God has been gracious to you.
…and you will name him Jesus. He will be great and will
be called the son of the Most High God. The Lord God will
make him a King, as his ancestor David was
,and he will be king of the descendants of Jacob forever;
his kingdom will never end!’ Luke 1:30 (GNT)

The discomfort a mother experiences during pregnancy is enormous. The process of bringing forth a child into this world is action-packed. And nurturing the child is wholesomely interesting yet physically and emotionally demanding.

A mother who is the recipient of a prophecy announcing the birth of her child will find the strength and stamina needed through the pregnancy, birth and any difficult times. When she is tired and weak, she can hold on to the prophecy received and draw strength from it.

Imagine the emotional and psychological stress that Mary and Joseph went through immediately after the birth of Jesus. They had to relocate to another country in the middle of the night. However, they found it easy to obey the angel’s instructions quickly because they knew the prophecy made concerning the child.
Mary knew the purpose which the child was to achieve so she readily followed God’s instructions every time on how to raise the child. She was not afraid to raise her child differently if it allowed him to be who God wanted him to be.

Imagine how Jesus’ parents felt when they found out that he had, without their consent, stayed back in the temple in Jerusalem. They had travelled a whole day’s journey before realizing that he was not with them.

Your knowledge of your child will determine how, when and where you will discipline the child, no matter how much you are provoked.

Your knowledge of what God says about your child will affect the way you influence his/her decision in choosing a career path. Mary knew Jesus’ earthly mission, so when Jesus abandoned the carpentry trade for which he had been trained by Joseph to preach the gospel, she did not condemn him or call a ‘family meeting’ to persuade, cajole or coerce him.
We are all created in the likeness of God. And God knew us before we were born. He had great plans for us from when the world began. As earthly parents, it is natural for us to take after our Father by knowing our children just the way God knows us.
Before I formed thee in the belly I knew thee;
and before thou camest forth out of the womb
I sanctified thee, and I ordained thee a prophet
unto the nations’. Jeremiah 1:5

Don’t feel bad that you do not have any idea what purpose God has been appointed your child to achieve. While you wait on God for direction, continue to raise your child purposefully in the way of the Lord. Above all, the joy of seeing your child through God’s eyes is amazingly fascinating. If your joy of motherhood is only centered on the fact that you have a child, you are short-changing yourself by depriving yourself of the joy that comes from raising warriors for the kingdom of God.
Always remember that the value of adequate preparation cannot be over-emphasized especially when raising a child. Adequate preparation stems from KNOWLEDGE.

Writer – Olubukonla Oludahunsi

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It was a beautiful Thursday morning. I was enjoying my sleep in La-La land when I heard the beeping sound…. Beep Beep, Beep Beep! It sounded so far away at first, gradually becoming louder and louder, until I could no longer ignore it anymore. Without opening my eyes, I felt around for its source. It was my phone. I had set the alarm for 6:30am so I could have ample time to prepare for work. Normally I would grumble a little but get up. This morning was different, all I wanted was to sleep. So, I hit snooze and went back to la-la land.
Just as I was settling in to continue my dreams, I heard that sound again… This time it was louder and more insistent, and very irritating. In annoyance, I hit the ‘dismiss’ button this time and went back to sleep. At 7:30am, I woke up and knew I was going to be late to work, just because I ignored my alarm.
Rushing to work that morning, it occurred to me that many times, I have applied the same approach to my spiritual alarm as well. Do you know we have a spiritual alarm as believers? You know the still small voice that warns you of impeding danger to your spiritual health or nudges that awake you from your spiritual slumber. That’s the Holy Spirit.

How many times have we hit the snooze button or outrightly dismissed the Holy Spirit? I know I have and each time, it had cost me dearly. It is impossible to live a victorious Christian life without allowing the Holy Spirit free reign in our lives (Eph 5:17). Jesus was quite clear in John 14 and 16 when he spoke about the Holy Spirit. He described the Holy Spirit as our Advocate, Friend and Spirit of Truth.

In John 14:25-27 (MSG), Jesus said:

I’m telling you these things while I’m still living with you. The Friend, the Holy Spirit whom the Father will send at my request, will make everything plain to you. He will remind you of all the things I have told you. I’m leaving you well and whole. That’s my parting gift to you. Peace. I don’t leave you the way you’re used to being left – feeling abandoned, bereft. So don’t be upset. Don’t be distraught.”

The Holy Spirit’s main tasks include revealing secrets to us (1 Cor 2:10); and being our constant reminder of Jesus’ words and God’s promises to us. He is our Spiritual Alarm Clock warning us of impending danger and alerting us to be battle-ready. He is an Exposer – he exposes the godless world’s view of sin, righteousness and judgement. He helps us understand all truth and he is our Guide into all truth.

How can we identify our spiritual alarm clock when it goes off?

First, learn to shut out the noise. Bishop T.D. Jakes in his sermon titled, The Holy Spirit- Your CIA Agent, stated that our lives are a reflection of who we listen to. You are the sum total of the voices you listen to. That is why it is important to learn to shut out the noise so you can hear the Spirit speak to you.

Second, spend time listening to the Holy Spirit. The more you spend time with the Holy Spirit, the easier it is to know His voice when He speaks. One of the greatest barriers to listening to the Holy Spirit is busyness. This also goes back to the first point on shutting out the noise.

Third, work your muscles out. Every believer has access to the same resources. Tap into the Word, meditate on it, spend time with the Holy Spirit and you will find it easier to identify the Holy Spirit’s voice when He warns you.

Finally, be quick to obey. Do not grieve the Holy Spirit (Eph 4:30). Unlike the phone alarm, the Holy Spirit has emotions and can get hurt when you keep hitting snooze or dismissing His warnings. Be careful not to grieve the Holy Spirit. Heed His voice when he warns and save yourself from the heartaches and dramas that flow from disobeying his warnings.

Writer – Tomilola Adebiyi

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Building a Personal Work Vision and Creating an Execution Pathway

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Today, the focus is on the concepts of Process and Journey, two important concepts of life. Work can be described as an activity that constitutes your daily livelihood. However, work on its own, is meaningless and becomes mere activity if it is not purposeful or appealing to your core human desires. If you have ever worked in an organization where your work does not echo your essence, your desires, your cravings and what you really want to do, you may understand how it feels to spend every day of your precious life doing unfulfilling work. Or maybe you are that person who began running their business solely because you wanted something to do? This might also resound with you.

Meriam Webster Dictionary defines Work as a job or activity that you do regularly especially in order to earn money. Free Dictionary defines it as a physical or mental effort or activity directed toward the production or accomplishment of something. All these definitions say something about work being an activity, that you do daily and it sure has an end to it.

I have come to realize that it is in work that man finds fulfilment. Whatever you do to give expression to your abilities and fulfil your desires either as an employees or a business owner is a form of work. Now, what really should matter to you is your response to the question, “Am I purposeful about what I am doing at this time?” While working, do you have a goal in mind or are you just working to survive? You need to determine if there is a method to what you do. Is there a desire you want to fulfil, an inner craving or a goal?

* Work itself is not the problem, you can do anything and exert your effort on it. However, to align with your life’s purpose, your work must matter to you. Doing work that matters to you is the real deal.

#TheRealDeal – Giving meaningful expression to your work by doing what your heart craves to do, fulfilling what you desire to see.

Evaluate what you currently do. Your work, is it mere work, or something you really are passionate about? Do you have dreams about achieving great things with your work? If you have not answered this question, you are merely exerting your energy to put food on your table and pay your bills. In the long run, what will matter is the satisfaction that you get from doing your work.

So how do you create a personal work vision?

” Vision is what sets you apart from the pack. It defines your path and helps you develop a sense of priority. The personal work vision is your individual operating system. It stems from what is important to you – your values and principles, what sets you on fire every day and makes you get up each morning to go to work. In creating your work vision, you discover you.

* Self discovery is a process and it is a journey. It happens to us every day. Know that your level of self-awareness at every stage will help you in determining where to go in the future.

So, you can begin to create your personal work vision right from where you are right now in life.

* To discover yourself, go to the Scriptures. In the process of self-discovery, you will discover purpose.
“Your revealed person points you to your life purpose”.

When you discover purpose, it is easy for you to decide what career to choose. And believe me, everything suddenly becomes unmistakeable at this point. You begin to see possibilities influenced by your consecration to purpose. The journey becomes clearer and you have a sure knowing and a desire that tells you what lies ahead of you in the days or years to come

* So, begin to write down your vision every day. Write it down – what you see, what you desire, what you are imagining, your cravings – get them all on paper. A written vision is easily executed.

* Have a development plan in order to build capacity. Desires are what they are until you are able to get them done.
Build emotional capacity – your ability to stay focused when you’re not getting the desired result, as well as your ability to relate well with people.
Build intellectual capacity – It is a time to gather knowledge and be an expert in your chosen field. Invest in yourself in every way possible. Leverage free and paid learning opportunities – seminars, coaching programs, conferences, structured training programs, MOOCs etc.

* Build mental capacity – A time where what you know is being utilized towards getting a desired result. Train your brain to do and know more.

* In execution, aside having a plan and building capacity, while in that process, render service. Volunteer, help someone. Use someone else’s need as an opportunity to give your ability and potential some expression. If no one gives you the platform for expression, create one, pick yourself and begin to see the end in mind. Keep talking about and reviewing your plan and vision.
As you execute an item, tick it off. In creating a platform for yourself, utilize the social media platforms, get your work out there, get noticed and keep doing.

* Get a mentor and build a network of trusted friends to whom you can voice your vision and plans all the time.
Lastly, always remember that while you work, it must be because you are fulfilling purpose in God and to humanity.

Frederick Buechner says “The place God calls you to, is the place where your deep gladness and the world’s deep hunger meet.

Writer – Adenike Leke-Akinbode

DIWPRTEAMBuilding a Personal Work Vision and Creating an Execution Pathway
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Preaching the Good News Through the Work of Your Hands.

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Daniel is often referred to as being a skilled and anointed man to the end that the glory of God was made manifest in the presence of the kings he served. Would you love for the same to be said about you?

The great commission is not only about preaching in the streets with megaphones. If you are reading this, you probably live in a technology-savvy society where the church is firmly established. You are probably a student, employed or running a business, you may be currently unemployed or a stay-at-home mom. Whatever the case may be, you have a doorway or an opportunity through which you may engage with the world and not just the frequent mission trips organized by your church. Day in, day out, you have an opportunity to touch lives and bring souls to the kingdom.

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When God created the heavens and the earth, He did an excellent job. He did not leave anything to chance, neither did He procrastinate on His projected work. For six days, God did the work of creation until the seventh day when He rested. Beloved, it is recorded that God looked upon everything He did at each point saying “It is good”.

The first step to becoming a representative of His Kingdom on earth and a true ambassador of the gospel is to ask yourself this question, “Is your work good?”. Can you truly at the end of the day look upon what you have done and say “this is good”. Not with the attitude of a perfectionist who strives for abstract and undefined goals, but with an attitude that wants to be a vessel for showcasing God’s excellence.


As a Christian, your work should be set apart. You should be known for diligence, for integrity, for excellence, and for timeliness. This, in itself, is a form of godliness. This is because Jesus himself was not a sloppy worker. Whatever assignment He was given, He did with a joyful heart and a reverence for God. Take a second to imagine if Jesus had His own “secular” engagement – perhaps as a carpenter according to Joseph’s trade, how do you think His conduct would be? Do you revere God even in your secular “work”? Are you known as the lazy employee who never shows up on time? Do you gossip at work? Do you fail to manage your business as it should be? Or are you working to the glory of God by displaying professionalism at every opportunity?

The love of God at work in you, and the power of the Holy Spirit resting inside of you should create a desire in you to do good and empower you to bring God’s best to everything you lay your hands upon. Goliath was a skilled warrior, but young David, who was not as skillful or experienced, said of God: “He teaches my hands to war”. In other words, his warring skills was as a result of David’s relationship with God! David did not separate his workmanship from the anointing of God within him. Whenever David went to war, God went to war too! Whenever David placed his hands on the harp to play, God played too! Beloved, the work that you do is not isolated from your walk with God. Today, determine in your heart to leverage the power of God in you to be who He created you to be at all places – whether in or outside the church.

A man diligent in his work will be able to stand before kings – this is what the Bible says. If your work gives you audience before kings, then know that you have a priceless opportunity to represent the kingdom of God.


As a worker, be skilled. And as a Christian, understand that you are anointed to preach the gospel. Do not allow a lack of diligence or unprofessionalism prevent men from listening to you or shut their hearts towards you. Even in the workplace, strive to show the love of God by bringing your best every time you show up. If you find yourself lacking in wisdom or strength to do so, simply ask and He will provide. While you are doing this, utilize the opportunities you get to communicate the love of God in words and in actions. God bless you!

Writer – Ifeoluwa Shoola.

DIWPRTEAMPreaching the Good News Through the Work of Your Hands.
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The phone rang that Monday morning, I was at work, trying to send out an email at that point in time. I was quite busy but seeing that it was my sister on the line, I answered the call, held the phone to my ears with my shoulder and continued working on my laptop.
“Hello!!!” I said as cheerfully as my work environment would permit me at that time.
“Do you have a few minutes to talk please? I have a few questions to ask”, she said. There was a sense of urgency with which she spoke; this conversation was clearly not going to be that flowery, just-for-laughs type of phone call, she sounded quite bothered.
“Ehhhhrrrmmm! If you will just give me a few minutes, I am trying to send out an email. I can talk for a bit once I am done.” I answered.
She stayed on the line while I proof read the mail I had already typed and clicked send. I waited for a while to see that the mail had gone and there were no issues before I stood up from my seat to resume the phone call.
I stepped into a private space and then the conversation resumed. At this point of course, my heart was throbbing wildly, majorly from not knowing what to expect from the other end of the phone. She reeled out the first question and it was a direct one; that type that comes straight at you, leaving no room to hide in corners or be ‘politically correct’. It required an in-depth explanation and I wasn’t ready for it.
My first attempt at answering was a shoddy response wrapped up in big English. I prayed she would find it satisfactory and just move on to the next. Nope! Not my big Sister. She was not having it, she probed deeper and forced me to go through the painful mental journey of reliving an experience I didn’t want to, until she got all the information she required.
The first question progressed to the second and then on to many more that came in quick succession. Each question that was asked seemed like a knife was passing through me; personal, family related issues that I had to look in the face and dissect, against my consent. I hung up, but clearly, the telephone conversation left me all pensive and gloomy; it introduced doubts, fears, questions and uncertainties into my heart.
This is us a lot of times as we go through life; we are having a jolly good day, enjoying a significant measure of joy in our hearts, and then, boom! Someone, an event, a phone call, a situation, a thought or some other random stuff comes in and introduces fear into our hearts and then we lose our joy. Sometimes, we cannot discern so quickly that our joy is the target, and by the time we realise it, it’s too late, we are already victims, held captive in a joyless estate. We struggle and try to pull ourselves out of this frequency we have been ushered into; sometimes we succeed and get back into our joy-groove, other times we remain down, unable to find a way of escape.
In the simplest terms, fear is an unpleasant emotion caused by the threat of danger, pain or harm while joy on the other hand is simply described as a feeling of great pleasure and happiness; both fear and joy are feelings and they can be managed and regulated, depending on which you feed based on the diet you are on.
The Bible says that “God has NOT given you a Spirit of fear, but of love, power and a sound mind.” This means that any fear you ever feel, beyond a reverential fear of God is not from God. Of the huge bounty that God has given you freely to enjoy, fear is NOT Listed. So, why take it when it is not an option? It is not part of your salvation package and should not be welcomed into your life for any reason at all. We often feel afraid when we have unanswered questions, feel pressured, have doubts, experience lack etc. and then our joy reserves are depleted. Regardless of what feeds our fear, we must recognize that God does not give fear. If God does not give fear, then we really have no business being afraid.
For every situation that you are currently dealing with that makes you afraid, take some time to go back to God’s Word and see the provisions that God has made for you in that regard and watch how joy will well up on your inside when you swap perspectives. For instance, you are always afraid of death, thinking something spooky will happen to you and you will be cut off in your prime. How about you internalizing and accepting the fact that God has promised to satisfy you with long life and show you his salvation? Doing this deliberately and consistently will up your joy reserves.
Whenever fear is being served you through the television, newspapers/blogs, family and friends etc., please pass on it, it’s not yours to receive.
Guard your heart and your joy fiercely this weekend.

Writer – Funmi Owo

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Portrait of mixed raced couple having relationship difficulties against white background

Portrait of mixed raced couple having relationship difficulties against white background

I felt like screaming out my lungs as I was tired of reiterating the same thing again and again. Why can’t we just be on the same frequency, why do I have to go high pitch while he stays on the low pitch frequency. This is so exasperating, gosh!
Have you ever had this type of communication with your spouse, where you feel you and your spouse are not on the same wave length as regards various matters? Have you ever wondered why you need to ask yourself the question, “to Nag or not to Nag”, especially when you feel nagging gets a lot of things done just because they do not want to keep hearing your voice in their heads.
Nagging, that age-old art of bugging — er, gently reminding — someone to do something over and over again, insinuates itself into most relationships. “It’s more common than adultery and potentially as toxic, so why is it so hard to stop nagging?”
Good question. Psychologists say it boils down to faith. One person fears the other won’t follow through, and that compels her to keep asking her partner to complete the task. Her partner, in turn, gets annoyed, which doesn’t make him incredibly likely to want to cooperate… and the cycle begins.
I know it’s hard to stop nagging, but you can’t possibly keep this up. Your home is supposed to be a sanctuary for all who dwell therein. You come in with your fussing, arguing and fighting and it takes away the sanctity within your household and automatically turns your home into a chaotic mess.
The question is: have you ever sat down to analyze what it truly means to communicate and ensure the entire purpose of communicating is fulfilled without getting to the tipping point of nagging? Well, I think it is important to plan ahead when we ask ourselves “to nag or not to nag…”

Here are a few tips to letting go of the urge to nag and letting love bloom in our marriages.
1. Pray, meditate and become one with yourself
Being one with yourself means that you are clear about your intentions and the kind of home you wish to build. One of peace, relief, fun and love…not tension, fights, accusation and nagging.
You have to be spiritually aware of the chaos that you are causing within your home and your relationship. All of that fussing and fighting is giving the Devil a VIP invite into your home. That’s why you should say a prayer over your home, open your door and escort the Devil right out.
2. You’re not right; you’re just angry
‘Nagging isn’t smart; it’s an expression of negative emotion’, says psychologist Robert Meyers. Though anger may be justified and borne out of serious concern for your partner—you should know one thing: Nagging doesn’t work.
3. To the person being nagged: Just do it!
News flash for those being nagged: it takes two to tango. If you’re annoyed that your partner won’t quit bugging you about picking up your wet towels after you shower, then here’s a suggestion: “Just do it,” says Nike. “I mean, if it is only going to take five minutes then what’s the point of fighting and bringing disharmony to the house?”

4. To the nagger: Let it go
Rather than rant and rave to your spouse or beloved one more time about leaving their clothes on the room floor, why not just pick them up and get on with your day? Is the hassle of another supercharged argument really worth its weight of clothes on the floor? Nope.
5. Enjoy your relationship
Stop trying to look for something wrong. Just take the time to appreciate each other. Life is too short to worry about the future mistakes that are yet to happen and too complicated to worry about the past mistakes. Do things that make both of you happy now, so that you can have happy memories later.
It’s an investment in positive emotion that will pay off. Building up a bank of positive [emotion] is really important to relationships. We make the analogy to a bank account where if you’ve got a lot of money in the bank, pulling out some thousands isn’t going to hurt. But if you don’t, pulling out One Thousand Naira is really going to hurt.”
6. Breathe
Whenever the unforeseen comes up, just take a deep breath. Your spouse didn’t take the trash out like you asked him to. Instead he’s lying in bed sleeping like a baby. Breathe and take the trash out yourself and don’t say anything. When he gets up looking for the overflowing garbage can, he finds a nice note instead. “Hey Babe, you were sleeping so well, I took the trash out for you. Get your rest. I’ll make dinner when I get home. Love You!”
Sit back and watch his reaction. If you change, then so will he. Just like Sir Isaac Newton said, “For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction”. You just may come home to a beautiful bouquet of flowers and a wonderfully made dinner.
7. Stay active
Keep yourself busy with fun activities you enjoy, family and friends. You do this so that you’re not at home worried about what he’s doing when the two of you are not together. An idle mind is the devil’s playground, so stay positively busy.

8. Have some fun, Mr. and Mrs. Smith!
If you and your partner are bickering and fighting more than laughing and talking, do something radical and productive: have fun together. Forget about crumbs, damp towels, not taking out the trash and reconnect with one another as loving partners in a relationship rather than as irritated roommates.
9. Communicate!
Wow, right?! There are couples who’ve been together for years and they don’t communicate. They talk and do fun things together, but they don’t communicate. The misconception is that talking and communicating is the same thing. Wrong! One has a deeper meaning than the other. To talk is to engage in speech. To communicate is to share or exchange information, views and ideas. I can talk to a dog, but the way we communicate is by actions. We need both in order to understand each other. If you’re in a relationship where you spend more time arguing than actually communicating, then this is a real problem that needs to get fixed immediately. You have to be open to receiving and understanding what the other person has to say.
Close your mouth, open your ears and listen. Seek to understand rather than to be understood. Don’t be on the defensive every time.
When next you get to a point of “to nag or not to nag”, take a deep breath and ask yourself if at the end of the day, the result from nagging is really worth it.

Writer – Olusola Amu

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