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Who am I Becoming?

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In a few weeks we will round up the year 2019 and welcome a brand new year 2020. Are you ready for another 365 days countdown? To prepare for the New Year, it is important to identify who you intend to Become. Let us go ahead to ask a few questions.
The questions to ask yourself are below:

Who do I want to become in 2020?

Why do I want to become the person I want to be?

What price am I willing to pay for the person I am becoming?

How do I ensure I become the person I aspire to be?

It is important to invest more time and energy into taking actions to INTENTIONALLY Grow. Become much more and challenge yourself for more.
1. Who do I want to become in 2020?
It is important to envision the end product of who you intend to be in 2020 and capture an image before your eyes. List out all the attributes and characteristics of who you intend to become. It shows you the end result, where you are and plan towards becoming the person you intend to become.
2. Why do I want to become the person I want to be?
The Why keeps you going when you want to give up the becoming process. It pushes you and just like an instructor in the gym it never permits you to give up but see the purpose of the entire journey to becoming.
3. What price am I willing to pay for the person I am becoming?
I love the scripture in Luke 14:28 (NLT) it says “But don’t begin until you count the cost. For who would begin construction of a building without first getting estimates and then checking to see if there is enough money to pay the bills?”
A lot of people pay lip service to Becoming and ignore the actual work, efforts and time that goes into becoming. It is highly important to be willing to make the sacrifices for the next level for the upgrade that leads to the individual you want to BECOME.

The scripture clearly states to count the cost before proceeding on the project. We need to identify and understand all that is involved in the Becoming process and commit to the entire process.
You need to sit down and count the cost of Becoming.

Are you willing to become?

Are you willing to put in the effort to becoming?

Are you willing to pay the price?

If your answers are all yes. Then sit down to a cup of tea and get a “Becoming Journal”. Identify and capture all that is required to become, identify all the sacrifices that are required to become and commit to paying the price no matter what. Ensure you articulate and capture your 2020 strategy before the New Year.

Wish you all the best and looking forward to becoming and upgrading a greater version in 2020.


DIWPRTEAMWho am I Becoming?
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Fearless Giving Overcomes The Fear of Lack!

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“Give more generously till you overcome your fear for having nothing, or your greed for having more.”

One of our greatest fears is not having enough – or needing help and discovering that you lack sufficient resources. This fear is magnified when it relates to financial resources or other material things. This is why you may find your first instinct is to keep what you have instead of giving it to someone in need. Fact be told, it sounds counterintuitive to give generously when it looks like everything is falling apart or is going to fall apart. When you are afraid of the future or unsure about the present, your instinct is to do all that is possible to ensure a sense of security in your life. This is understandable.

However, this isn’t as much about the fear of losing material possessions as the fear of “giving” itself. Broadly speaking, there are two kinds of people – those that think in terms of abundance and the others that think in terms of lack. This is not referring to how much money they have in their bank accounts or how much assets they have in their name. It’s about a mindset. There are those that have trained themselves to see an abundance around them and there are others who cannot help but fear that whatever they have will not be enough. Therefore, they hoard or greedily accumulate more.


How do you know what mindset you fall under? Do a quick self-check – In the past few weeks, have you been grateful for what you have, appreciative of others, been filled with a knowing that there is enough for everyone, celebrated other people, been generous, thought about how you can serve others and been truly happy? Or have you been ungrateful, judgmental of others, thought there was not enough to go round, jealous or envious of others, fearful and anxious, or mostly thinking “what is in it for me?”.

Perhaps from reading all that was just laid out, you can tell which category you fall into. If you find that you fall into the ‘lack’ mindset, determine today not to continue in it. Dear one, your life is worth more than the things you fear may not be enough. It is not worth it to continue living in fear of lack.

Recognize that you are loved and start to practice loving people. Dear woman, as you draw even closer to your heavenly Father, you’ll begin to see how He is enough for you. Even more, practice loving people by giving. This does not refer to giving money alone, your time too is valuable. Do not withhold good from those to whom it is due when it is in your power to act (Prov. 3:27). Give compliments, give smiles, give words of encouragement, give your talents. Give, what you have when you have it, and give thanks while at it. As you do these things intentionally, you’ll watch fear and greed melt away from your life. Give more generously till your overcome your fear for having nothing, or your greed for having more.

Article written by: Ifeoluwa Shoola

Citations: parameters for abundance or lack mentality culled from

DIWPRTEAMFearless Giving Overcomes The Fear of Lack!
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I was born into a loving family, and was exposed to luxury very early in life. I became industrious and got to catch up with my life and what I desired to do so early, so I plunged myself into it. I also met my loving husband while doing my business and we became partners. We were able to build a conglomerate and it was flourishing so well. We loved the way our family life was progressing, our kids are blessed. I loved my husband and he also loved me dearly.

Until death caught up with him and snapped him away from his loving family. I was devastated at this point and was in intense pain. It hurt so badly: I had lost my best friend and partner. Still groping in my pain, here comes his family that we labored so hard to take care of together. They claimed that they owned all the properties we both possessed, as he is their son.

Considering the fact we both built this conglomerate together, I was left with nothing but my kids as the family and friends robbed all of it from me as I was a woman and no one stood up for me.

God brought this judge around the neighbourhood where I moved to with my kids to.
I figured I had nothing to lose, so I decided to fight for what belonged to me.
I went to meet the judge and I was not allowed into his home by the security guards. So I waited all day at his gate to see him come out through the gate, that I may have the opportunity to tell him my plight and avenge me of my enemies. He finally drove out of his majestic building and slide down the car window to know what I was looking for, I explained all to him and he told me to come back.
I went the next day to wait and still, he said the same thing. It became a duty to resume at his gate for a month, and still got no attention.

At a point, he would drive by without rolling down his car window, but I never gave up. I still woke up and went again the next day. Gradually, I was getting tired of going. I felt ashamed, like I was being mocked. I realized I had no one to turn to and he was the only one to help out of my predicament, the kids were also getting weary with the way we were living.

I made up my mind that for the sake of my children, I would keep going to the judge, until he listens and gives me his attention to avenge me.

One fateful day when I rose so early to resume at his gate, here comes the judge out of the house, all by himself this time not in his car, and asked when I will stop coming to his house. I said until he avenges me of my enemies. Immediately, he said to his personal assistant, I have to attend to this poor widow before she wears me out with her persistence.

I was so glad I never gave up! Right before my eyes, all arrangements were made to avenge me speedily, I mean speedily. With tears, I was grateful and thanked him immensely.
I believe you already know who she is, yes you got it, and she is the widow in Luke 18:1-8.

And at the end of the story Jesus said: “nevertheless when the son of man comes, will He really find faith on the earth?”
That is the question.

Faith is not just believing but committing to back up your faith with action and never give up. Hold on to the word God has given you, keep confessing it in the face of adversity and never give up. Men and women of faith hold on to the word with their lives without losing it.
Commit to praying with your faith and not fainting


Writer: Faith Oyebade

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Shoot your Shot


What is shoot your shot?
This was my question to a friend with whom I could openly display my ignorance of vernacular colloquialisms.

I have been on an almost 2 year social media hiatus so I am completely oblivious to the latest popular argot. It’s so bad that I look really confused when everyone else is laughing at the use of one of these jargon.

Back to the earlier conversation, she laughed and explained that “shoot your shot” means to take a wild chance on something or at someone and just do it or go for it without regard for the eventual outcome.
That it was a chance you took when the probability for success was not exactly high but you did it anyway because it just might work.

It was like flipping coins and hoping for a favorable outcome.

The most fascinating part of the entire nuance of this expression is even if it didn’t work, there was no love lost and when it was a positive outcome, it was a pleasant surprise.

In its barest essence, It was a sort of testing the waters kinda thing and hoping you could either swim or sail.

So I thought about it deeply (because to me everything just becomes deep 😉☺) and somehow my mind always makes scriptural connections to random things.
I thought about the king in ancient Jewish lore who went to the renowned prophet of the time…
I will let you have a firsthand version below:

Elisha came down sick. It was the sickness of which he would soon die. Jehoash king of Israel paid him a visit. When he saw him he wept openly, crying, “My father, my father! Chariot and horsemen of Israel!”
Elisha told him, “Go and get a bow and some arrows.” The king brought him the bow and arrows. Then he told the king, “Put your hand on the bow.” He put his hand on the bow.
Then Elisha put his hand over the hand of the king. Elisha said, “Now open the east window.” He opened it. Then he said, “Shoot!” And he shot. “The arrow of God ’s salvation!” exclaimed Elisha. “The arrow of deliverance from Aram! You will do battle against Aram until there’s nothing left of it.”
“Now pick up the other arrows,” said Elisha. He picked them up. Then he said to the king of Israel, “Strike the ground.” The king struck the ground three times and then quit.
The Holy Man became angry with him: “Why didn’t you hit the ground five or six times? Then you would beat Aram until he was finished. As it is, you’ll defeat him three times only.”
2 Kings 13:14‭-‬19 MSG

There are a gazillion insights to glean from this event but we would narrow in on the following.

• Epic Instructions always precede Epic Seasons.
We have had epic instructions preceding 2019. How have we fared in obeying to the letter?
God also speaks daily, do we pay attention to listen and obey?

• Epic Obedience to Epic Instructions must be done with Epic Importunity.
Importunity is persistence to the point of annoyance. Let your persistence in obeying instructions become so consistent that it becomes annoying.

• Permanent Victories are borne on the back of Complete Obedience to Epic Instructions.
Jesus said “It is finished” because His obedience was complete. In His complete obedience, we have permanent victory.

• In the Kingdom Shooting our Shot is not a blind exercise in luck or probability, it is an intentional action underpinned by a revelation of God’s word/promise to you either in scriptures or by prophecy.
Think deeply, what shots do you need to take?
God won’t shoot your shot for you.
You have a quiver full of arrows (skills, instructions, words, scriptures, tools, talents,… insert others)

What would you do with it now?
How would you deploy it in your own unique situation?
In my life currently, I am continuing to shoot my shot by insisting on my change and upgrade till I am too stretched to go back.

I give a habit or thought intense focus till I completely recondition myself to a new way of thinking and behaviour.

You may say:
What if I do not have any instruction yet?
What if all I have is a promise?

Isaiah 62: 6-7 AMPC says
I have set watchmen upon your walls, O Jerusalem, who will never hold their peace day or night; you who [are His servants and by your prayers] put the Lord in remembrance [of His promises], keep not silence, And give Him no rest until He establishes Jerusalem and makes her a praise in the earth

There you have it. Even God says you should continue to “Shoot your shot and strike the ground” till you receive establishment.

Parrot His words back to Him, stay rejoicing, stay giving, stay forgiving, and stay studying.

Let Shoot your Shot take on a different meaning for you from now on – Shoot your shot continuously, strike the ground consistently because permanent victory is assured to us in our importune and complete obedience.

To Permanent Victories!

Written by Ariel Qu.




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As we journey on through life, it is critical to be joyful women, because women carry a powerful deposit of emotion beyond logic and if your emotion is untouched by joy, your life may lack motivation. Joy gives the soul a reason to go on and it is the best makeover the spirit can get.

While humans were busy discovering cars that run on water, and other interesting things in life, we stumbled on some timeless truths and fun facts about joy and the believing woman and thought to share with you.

Did you know that:

Joy is a spiritual force field that is beyond an emotion. It is a spiritual impartation that can radiate from our spirits into our souls and find expression in our daily living.

Joy is the outward expression of our inward experience, it is the lifestyle of the believer. It is Faith smiling or maybe more aptly, laughing Faith.

Joy is a secret God shares with you. Sometimes, you don’t even understand what’s up with you but you can’t help the taste of delight in your spirit.

Joy finds you; it is mostly not a place you go, it’s a cloud that comes to you. It’s a powerful cloud that moves over your spirit and propels you.

Joy births God’s glory and allows you experience God!

Depression is like a dark cloak over the spirit. Joy is like the veils are lifted and revelation comes to you!

Faith is a place, if you stay there, Joy will find you. If we leave the place called faith, Joy will come to that place and not find us at home. Joy doesn’t come and go, we come and go.

Faith is sighting the future…Joy is experiencing that future first hand before getting into it materially.

Joy is the emotion that faith creates.

Joy is the tickle of the Spirit! It is a fragment of eternity’s excitement.

Joy is that moment when God causes you to share in His laughter by dropping Himself into your spirit!

Joy is predominantly a victor’s delight about the future God has created which makes you enjoy the future before others!

Joy is an outward expression of an inward experience. So, if your heart is full of faith, it will overflow in joy.

Joy isn’t always loud, sometimes it’s quiet.

Joy is a bandwidth all the way from quiet delight to extravagant rejoicing.

Joy births meditation, it can be quiet.

Joy can make your heart tender, and it can make it soar.

Joy is an outflow of depths and dimensions.

Joy is a permanent response to an obtained inheritance.

We don’t create Joy. We receive it.

Joy is an abstraction of eternity.

Joy is one of the most powerful ways to remain consistent in life. It grounds you, solidifies you and makes you positively predictable.

Joy is a constant line drawing a continuum in your journey, untouched by circumstances.

Joy gives you victory over grumbling and complaining.

Joy is not make believe.

Joy is reckless abandon.

Joy is how we can express the best of our womanhood. It is how we stay at peace in storms, submit in spite of our spouses’ failings, remain beautiful women even with a slim budget for our wardrobe, make the best of meals in spite of management of resources.

Joy is how we build a home everyone runs back to come into no matter what side of town we live; it is how we build a life that is beautiful to God and enjoyed by us.

Joy creates a force field so sweet!

Joy amplifies the goodness in our lives
And even helps us make fun of the odds. Because we truly feel above them

Receive Joy today. The Holy Spirit is a dispenser of Joy, come to Him today, He is a free flowing fountain.


Article by Funmi Owo (Culled from DDK’s teachings on Joy)

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“You must ensure you go to bed naked every night.”
Those were the words my marriage counsellor spoke to my fiancé (now husband) and I a few weeks before we got married. Of course, we giggled because we were sure she was talking about sex, and “holy” people like us did not want to talk about it. She then proceeded to explain further, as the deep woman she is, that it is more than being physically naked but being able to always bare it all with each other.
Marriage should be a safe place for a man and his wife to be naked and unashamed emotionally, spiritually, financially and physically.

The Man said, “Finally! Bone of my bone, flesh of my flesh! Name her Woman for she was made from Man.” Therefore, a man leaves his father and mother and embraces his wife. They become one flesh. The two of them, the Man and his Wife, were naked, but they felt no shame. – Genesis 2:23-25 (MSG)

The physical aspect of “nakedness” in marriage is quite easy but the other ones not so much. In fact, there can be a high level of sexual intimacy in marriage, while the level of openness is very low. I understand why people would not want to “expose themselves” to this man they’ve promised their lives to; because when you become naked in front of another, shame is the result when that person chooses to mock you based on what you just said.
How then can we let go of the fear and shame and embrace this deep vulnerability with our spouses?

Accept that God is good and that He loves you.

This should be like the easiest thing for a Christian but it isn’t. We believe God is good but sometimes we don’t believe He is good to us because something is “wrong” with us right now. Never accept the lie that God is not good; He is working out the issues of your life. The seasons of life cannot change the character of God.

Know the source of your strength.

It takes strength to be vulnerable as a woman especially emotionally and financially; well, it was for me. But please realize that you have a High Priest (that is, Jesus) who is in touch with you and knows how you feel. We know from the Bible that Jesus exposed Himself to humanity, because of our salvation, He chose to walk among us and be human. The source of your strength is the Holy Spirit and He is your ultimate covering; just as He was with Christ on earth, so He is with you always. Rest in Him.

Pray to receive God’s strategy for your marriage.

I was going to give you 5 ways to develop intimacy in marriage but you see, every marriage is unique and with its own purpose. What works for me might be disastrous for you.
As we have been repeatedly told in Deborah’s Initiative for Women (DIW), press into God and let Him give you His own strategy for your marriage. As you receive, act on it immediately – intimacy is not something that can be achieved overnight; it is a lifelong process of being increasingly at ease with each other without fear or shame.

Be kind to yourself and take responsibility.

So, you messed up last week and shame has its claws in you already; you hid the money that just dropped into your account or you’ve been having it good at work but you still need to guilt your husband into doing some things, so you refused to share. Do the needful – forgive yourself and then open up. Remember that your ultimate covering is God.

Reject the lies!!!

Immediately the two of them did “see what’s really going on”—saw themselves naked! They sewed fig leaves together as makeshift clothes for themselves. – Genesis 3:7(MSG)

Fear brings torment, it robs us of peace and pushes us into living an illusion. Adam and Eve believed a lie, they acted on the lie and saw that they did not need to be naked with each other anymore. These days we hear all sorts of crazy things and social media has exposed us to some of the most horrible marriages ever and some of us have started believing the lies, and we are hiding ourselves from our spouses.

The Word of God remains the standard for every aspect of our lives including our marriages.

Article Written by Olamide Adeyemi

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